Genetic Builder - generate Expert Advisors for MetatraderHave you ever thought about generating your own private Expert Advisors? You might have thought that you’d really need to know a lot about trading and a lot about programming to do it. Well, till now you would have been right, but with amazing new piece of software it has now changed that all. Say welcome to Genetic builder – the world’s first Expert Advisor generator that will help you in generating an unlimited amount of profitable Expert Advisors completely and automatically.

So what does Genetic Builder do, exactly?

Genetic builder creates profitable trading strategies for use in Metatrader, entirely automataically, by testing multiple combinations of indicators and trading rules over years of historical data, till it finds a combination of profitable strategies. It can be applied for any timeframes or market. It does all this at a specific rate about one strategy per second. Lastly, you can easily create a completely-editable Metatrader Expert Advisor of the strategy with just one click.

The best things is that you will not require to have any trading ideas of your own because Genetic Builder easily test ideas and recommend  the strategy that make sense. To get the best out of genetic Builder, you don’t have to provide any ideas though. For example – you will need to make a decision which orders types or indicator you need whether you want a stop loss and simply take profit and lastly which currency you are trading and on which timeframe. All of these features, and many more, can be easily set and that too with no programming involved.

How can I find the best strategy?

This is an important feature of Genetic Builder that is going to be more advanced in the future, is it’s strategy testing. The Main objective of testing a strategy is to know how “Robust” it is. In simple words how this profitable strategy in past will continue to be a profitable in future. It comes supplied with historic data and the better way to use this is to split it in to two parts: these are known as in-sample (IS) and out-of-sample (OOS) and it’s is very basic procedure amongst system designers.

Now, even it can test a strategy over several thousand bars in a second, you still have to leave Genetic Builder running for long time so that it can provide as many result, particularly if you set a lot of criteria on both IS and OOS data. The great thing about genetic Builder is that one license can be used on multiple computers, with no additional cost.

I have 20 “profitable” strategies – now what?

Now, just take an example – think you have Genetic builder running on as many PC you have access to, depending upon how severe your condition were and you have several strategies and all of them were profitable in the past. Now what do you do now? How you can identify which strategy can be profitable in future?

Here what you can do – How strategy is your equity curve? Does it move from bottom left to top right in a sensibly straight line? In Genetic Builder it is known as “stability” and each strategy will have a stability value considered automatically. Now find is this strategy was profitable on other timeframe or other currencies? It cannot be done currently and automatically, for this you have to change time frame or currency by using the drop-down menus and then select “Strategies Testing’ to see results and it can be done with couple of clicks.

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What about the EA generator!

It is obvious that we must not forget about the one of the main features of Genetic Builder that is Automatic Generation of Expert Advisors. So, if there is any way to create ideas and generate the corresponding expert advisors automatically then it is only can be done by using Genetic Builder. Creating the EA is simplicity itself – exactly one click away and then you just need to drag the MQL4 file into your Metatrader installation. Here you can also check the rules of the created strategy in Pseudo-code, so that you can really know exactly how strategy works.

So, If you use Metatrader, and you want a means of automatically generating an unlimited number of profitably back tested strategies, entire with expert advisors ready to trade, then Genetic Builder is the only solution available for you. This is an amazing piece of software that you will most likely never outgrow and almost surely will never be outdated by anything else.

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