How to Generate High Resolution Barcode Labels?

hd quality barcodes

Barcodes are widely used because of various benefits they provide to business organizations. It manages business product inventory information with accuracy and efficiency. It is a unique combination of black and white bars and is very helpful in managing Business Products. Various industries like Manufacturing, Publishing, Healthcare, Post offices, Banking Zone, uses this barcode widely. Industries also need to monitor their company products, and for that Barcodes are perfect tool.

These codes are machine readable concentric circles or parallel bar that varies in width, spacing, or height that stores information about that particular product for better Inventory Management and Control. These barcodes are of two types:

  • Linear Barcode:

This type of barcode is mainly used by industries where small information is needed to be stored on Business Products. As it has the capability of saving information in length of the barcodes.
Ex- Tele pen, ISBN 13, Code 11,USPS Tray etc.

  • 2D Barcode:

It is also known as Matrix barcode and used for the product that requires more product details to save. It uses 22-Dimensional space to store information both in height and in length of barcode image.
Ex- PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec, Databar, etc.

Barcode Creator Software for Developing HD resolution Barcodes

If you want to create Barcode Labels of HD resolution them for this you need to use Barcode Creator software as it has features to create Linear and 2D barcode images in high resolution so as to fulfill business requirements. It generate barcode with very high-resolution up to 4800 dpi on Mac image file, or vector graphic such as PDF (vector), EPS (vector), PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNTG, Photoshop and many other.

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It offers insert or hide barcode header and footer values option as per the commercial requirement. You can generate multiple copies of barcode using Sequential, Random or Constant List generating options. It supports varieties of Graphical formats like jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff etc for storing barcode images. It is easily readable and printable by any scanner or printer respectively. This program also facilitates to email generated barcode images to your business clients as per your requirement.

How to make HD Resolution barcode using Barcode creator software?

Step 1– Firstly you need to Download Barcode creator software, and then install and launch it on your device.


Step 2- You can design your barcode according to your need. Add color, image and more to make your barcode of HD resolution.


Step 3- You can see the preview of your created barcode and print it.