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GIF is the Short form of Graphics Format is a bitmap image format which was launched by CompuServe in 1987 and has become worldwide that was used by on the internet because of its wide and portability. GIF files are identified as .gif file extension and it contain highest of 256 colors, and this is the reason which makes it practical for almost all graphics. But there are some scenarios where you would like to have Gif files into PDF format because GIF files may not meet your need.

In this blog you will know how to convert images in gif format into pdf documents with the the help of user friendly program GIF to PDF converter. There are only 4 simple steps that you have to follow for the conversion, but before that you must know details about the software so that you can use them easily. With the help of this program you can convert gif files but along with it you can also convert many kind of images format to pdf files. It also support batch conversion means you can convert more than one file at a time and it also support converting multiples images into one single PDF documents. Furthermore, you can also use this application for converting pdf files into different images format such as JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.

Gif to PDF converter is a great tool that is designed for creating pdf documents from any image files. The main key features of programs are:

  • Convert GIF and other image format into PDF formats
  • Convert images to define pages of PDF
  • Allow you to set the output page size according to your preference
  • Support batch conversion and can allow provide different output formats simultaneously

So if you need the application for converting a gif image or any other image format into pdf you can install gif to pdf converter. And if you want use the application on regular basis then you must create a desktop icon for convenience. Once you install the software you can then proceed with the conversion. It is very easy and simple to use, even a non technical person can easily handle it.