Hard Drive Backup with reliable Cloning Tool!

hard driveHard Drive is the main and the largest medium to store the data in the computer. The software tiles, and the main operating system and other important files are stored in the drive. This device is used for storing and retrieving the information in a digital form. A secure backup is always very useful for situations when the Hard Drive gets corrupted due to virus attack. There are two ways to have backup of Windows and other utility software of it. The traditional way to have a secure backup is through copying all the files to a separate hard drive apart from this there is another way back up your data. This way includes bit by bit of copy of the entire hard disk which is known as Cloning.

Data cloning is the process of copying all the contents of one computer disk to another disk in a form of “image file”. This process includes copying of one disk to another but in the form of image file. After this process the second disk gets loaded with the contents of the image. The purpose of this process is to restore the lost or damaged data or to remove all the unwanted data from the disk and moving the entire contents into a new disk.  Apart from just copying, the disk cloning involves copying of hidden and in-use files.  Cloning up of the hard drive is just putting all the contents of one hard drive to another. This means copying and pasting of contents on a larger scale.

What  Hard Drive Cloner provides you-

  1. Clones the whole volume of the Hard Drive.
  2. Clones the solid state of the drive to another drive.
  3. Creates an image of the hard drive which takes a very less space to store.
  4. Supports MBR partition map scheme and makes the new drive work the same as the older one when used on another system.


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Steps to Clone the Disk with the help of Hard Disk Cloner

Step 1: Start the software and Click on “Continue”.


Step 2: Firstly clone the module of the software which comprises of four options to clone the hard drive.

hard 2

Step 3: This software will give you two options to clone without having any changes or to resize the source drive of destination drive.

hard 3

Step 4: Click on “imaging” module to create image of the hard drive or volume and chose the destination location to save it.

hard 4

Step 5: You can also restore the previously cloned drive image to its original state with the help of this software.

hard 5

Step 6: You can create clones of bootable DVD out of BOOT volume of the system. And even can create the DVD with currently installed application to boot the system.

 hard 6