Monitor, Track and Control Someone Else Mobile Phone’s Activity With Ease!

One of our natural instincts is that we protect and care our loved ones. There are many forms to protect and care our loved ones and one of the forms is to monitor the activity of the cell phone of our kids and protect them from possible dangers.

And in today’s world of social media where we cannot tell our children to not to become part of social media and hence, monitoring our child activities become one of the most important things.

If you are wondering, how to monitor the activity of someone else’s phone activity without knowing them, then this article is absolutely perfect for you.

The key to monitoring activities of someone else’s phone is to keep good mobile spy monitoring software.

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But you may also have a question. Is this legal?

Well, it cannot be denied that spying on other phone activities occupies a grey area as it comprises the violation of privacy. However, the real truth is that there are certain legal way and circumstances where this can be justified.

So, below read on to find out how to monitor activity on Android, iPhone and Blackberry, depending on which smartphone you use.

Let start with real users example!

User Example – Want to Spy and Monitor Text Messages

Is there ANY way to view my child’s text messages?!?

My son is always deleting his text messages, and he says that they are none of my buisiness. I was wondering if there was ANY way to view the text messages without having to actually see them on his phone. I really want to know what he’s talking about, and he’s starting to make me a little suspicious. Can I call AT&T? Can I see them online? Can I get a print out somehow?

Any and all responses will be highly appreciated! Smiley Very Happy


– Original Post From AT&T Community Forums

After reading the above example I hope you might have understood, why parents want to monitor their kid’s cell phone.

But there are other several reasons why we really need to monitor someone else phone activity.

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What are those reasons? Below, find it out by yourself.

Why do we need to monitor a child, employee or someone else phone’s activities?

Parent For Their Kids

Motivating children and teenagers is very easy because they are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than adults and hence they easily become victims of fraud news. Fake news Social media websites like Facebook and app like WhatsApp is extremely common.

Besides social media, unfortunately, the internet also has inappropriate and websites and content which is not suitable for teenagers and they need to be protected from them. Stalking and catfishing are not rare phenomena as one would like. Every day we come across some kind of identity theft on the internet. Knowing how to monitor phone activity can very well protect your kid from such untold dangers.

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Employer For Their Employees

An employer needs to monitor their Employees phone activities during their work hours. The organization or company does not want their employee to misuse or waste time on an unnecessary phone call, internet surfing, chatting, etc. Many companies collect their employee phones during work hour so that they can focus and concentrate on their work.

However, there are also companies who allow their employee to keep their phone with them but they do install spy app on their device so that company can track and monitor their phone’s activity. There is mobile spying app that can locate the location of the employee (called GPS tracking), monitor internet usage, phone calls duration and so on.

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How to Monitor Phone Activity By Using Mobile Spy

It is necessary to track the mobile phone of your children if you are the responsible parents of teenagers because by tracking mobile phone activities of your children you can protect your kids from unwanted or bad activities. If you are the owner of any company and want to track the mobile activity of your employees then you can track any mobile phones by using any mobile tracking software.

If you want to monitor someone else’s cell phone activity on Android, there are various Android Spy apps that you can use. And if you want to monitor someone else’s cell phone activity on iPhone then there are also several iOS Spy apps that you can use.

But if you ask my recommendation, then I would suggest you use Mobile Spy – the tool to monitor other mobile phone’s activities. I have recommended this software as it works on Android, iPhone as well as on Blackberry.

If you want to track any cell phone, then you can use this cell phone tracking tool and you can remotely monitor all activity of the tracked cell phone. This tool can track outgoing call, incoming call, outgoing SMS, incoming SMS, visited websites, what browsers and applications used the cell phone and many more of another smartphone.

If you want to track your employee’s or your child’s cell phone or smartphone activity then you can free download and install this mobile spying and monitoring tool. After installing you can remotely track the smartphone or cell phone easily. Along with call and message details, you can also track the GPS location through the online control panel. It can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world just by using a username and password. All the activities and GPS location have been uploaded to your account through the internet.

It is very powerful software which also allows you to filter and block some particular activities of the tracked cell phone. You can specify a time when no calls can be made or you can also lock the cell activity. This tool offers many features such as login features like Text Messages, GPS Logs, Call History, iMessage Logs,  Notes Logs, Contacts, Photos,  Calendar Entries,  Application Installed and  Visited Websites. You can also filter websites, applications, and contacts.

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Other situations in which it is perfectly appropriate and legitimate to use Mobile Spy

  • When loved one is an addict.
  • When loved one has a mental illness.
  • Spousal Suspicions.
  • Employer Monitoring.



There is saying “with great power comes great responsibility”, hence, you must always remember while using Mobile Spy for monitoring and tracking other cell phone activities, you must use it with caution and discretion. There is a very thin line between monitoring and taking someone’s privacy granted and therefore this thin line should be maintained. It is strongly advised that you must use this software for the legitimate purpose.

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