A parents journey to lift well rounded and productive teenagers is not an easy task just like the pioneer. Though the threat of typhus, diphtheria and broken axles have diminished over the years, but today in this internet world, new obstacle has developed that we need to overcome. The cyber hacker and online criminal world has laden with pitfalls and dangers that many teenagers face at some point in their live.

Today, surfing internet through cell phones expose children to sexting, questionable content, cyber bullying, etc. With the availability of internet and the increasing number of Social Media Apps and websites, our teen are not give that luxury. This technology, leaves parents to get worried about their children’s cell phone activities.

Apparently, a parent’s first reaction would be to take cell phone right away from their teenager child. But the real fact is that many families have to rely upon cell phones so that they can remain connected and informed. Hence, the sour truth is that it would be not right and not be practical to simply take away phone from your teenager kids.

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Pleas thank to technology that has modified as per the changing need of the families and had discovered the new ways for parent to check a child’s messages. These new technology and developments allow easy communication without taking away the phone from your children and teenagers. Hence, parents have option to track their children phone’s which is perfect solutions to cope with several problems and they can easily allow their teenagers to have access to cell phones and internet browsing.

Now it is very easy to track the cell phone activity of your teenager child. You can easily monitor and access cell phone, tablet and smart phones. To track any cell phone device you can use PhoneSheriff Tool because this tool can give you the full control of tracking cell phone. With the use of this tool, parent’s can check their teenager’s messages and internet activity from the convenience of their own phones.

This kind of monitoring tool is cost effective and very efficient way to monitor or track cell phone device of your child and employees.

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Need of Cell Phone Tracking:

If you want to protect your teenager child with unwanted or bad cell phone and online activities then you need to track or monitor your child’s cell phone. By tracking you can access all the related information and activities of your child’s phone and you can also block unwanted cell phone activities. There are some scenarios that need cell phone tracking:

  • If your child is unable to understand that what activities are good for them and what are not for them?
  • To protect them from predators, cyber bullying and porn sites etc.
  • To know the GPS location of your child or your employee.
  • If you want to filter the features of your child’s cell phones.

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PhoneSheriff: The Ultimate Software Application To Track Teenager’s Cell Phone Activity

There are various cell phone tracking software available online, some are free and many offer free trial so that you can try them out.

But as I have mentioned above, I would recommend PhoneSheriff. This particular tool is packed with lots of features.

For example you can:

  • Review call and SMS history
  • Block contacts
  • Set time limits
  • Filter website content and block site
  • Use GPS to track and monitor location
  • And more

It is a parental control tool which allows user to track all the activities of the tracked cell phone device like outgoing call, incoming call, incoming and outgoing messages, used applications.

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By using this tool you can also access the entire online activities of the tracked cell phone such as you can know that which websites are visited by the cell phone user, what browser and phone applications are used by the user and also the GPS location of the tracked cell phone.

The best feature of PhoneSheriff is that it is compatible with Android and iPhone. It means that you can monitor cell phone activities on Android and iPhone. You can visit official website of PhoneSheriff to learn more about it. However, they do not offer free trial, but by visiting their website and clicking the “Demo” link will give you the idea of what parental control look like. Let me tell you that this is one of the little bit expensive services, but it does offer many features for the price.

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By using this powerful tool, you can also filter and block any activity such as you can set a time when you want the smart phone cannot be used or no calls can be made, you will get informed when a SIM card will be replaced with other SIM card, you can also lock the phone during certain time. So if you want to track the entire activity of your child’s or your employee’s activity then you can use this powerful cell phone tracking tool.

Important Note For Parents: If you want to track and monitor your teenager’s, kid’s or children’s cell phone activity then you must be doing it with honesty and why you are doing it. Talk with your teenager about it and explain your rules are for their safety and protection. Well, it is a job for parents to make sure that they are using the mobile devices appropriately. Some parents says, “If I’m paying for it, I have liberty to read my kids’ texts, check their call logs, and know who their friends are.” That’s correct, but children and particularly teenagers consider these devices to be their personal as their diaries, so treat carefully. Checking their phone randomly is good idea as you know your kids better than other. However, if you sense something is not right, then randomly check their phone more often.


So, by now I hope that you know how important it is to track and monitor your teenager’s cell phone activity and tracking teenager child phone activity can be easily done by using PhoneSheriff.

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