How to protect password from PDF Files


 When you are about to send any kind of sensitive data through any link such as e-mail through PDF files you have to make sure to protect your password protect or to encrypt that available information. Though this could be done in Adobe Acrobat, still you can follow these simple steps by you can aware of it that how can you create a password protected PDF that use to prompt for an appropriate password without any purchase of a desired program.

Few tips are traced underneath by which you can easily password protect a PDF File:

1.   Password protect a PDF File: Firstly you have to be sure you have Adobe Acrobat on your PC previously you are about to password protect PDF file with few simple steps which are as traced below:


a> You have to open the PDF file where you would like to password protect in Adobe Acrobat.

b> Then click on the “Advanced options” and choose for security then password encrypt. Then they will provide a notice for you and will ask that are you sure to password protect a file there just click “yes.”

c> Then just hit the check box “Require a password to open the document” and then you have to type then appropriate password which will protect your file and then click on “OK”

d> Then again you have to retype your password and then a prompt will ask to confirm your password and again type your appropriate password and click on “OK”.

All these are done where you could now have a password protect your PDF file.

2. Choose a strong PDF password PDF File encryption: it’s a golden opportunity to have a strong password to password protect a PDF File for instance if you want to look upon the strong password then password such as “Ac#wP3T$c” is a strong password which includes password with letters, lower case, figures and upper case. For securing and creating a password you should remember some of the following advice which will help you to figure out the right password, few are as follows:


a>  Password which includes 14 characters is said to be the optimal password length where it is highly assumed that most of the password are less than 14 characters.

b>  As some of the application does not allow additional spaces between the passwords.

c>  Every password should be changed in every of its 30 days as it could be cracked any time.

d>  So it is important for you to change your password after every now and then and you have to keep in mind that same password should not be repeated for all documents of PDF.

3.  If you forgot how to remove Password from Password protected PDF: To protect PDF file it is easy to protest password where you could manage a file by opening encrypted PDF documents as you forget your password, there is an option for you to download PDF Password Recovery which is very convenient to handle where you can easily recover not only the password of the owner but also you can remove user password as well where you can easily open encrypted files and can also edit the copy and can also print the desired document and can install it on to your PC.