How to Record Skype Calls on your iPad

how to record Skype calls on  ipad

Skype is the most adored app desired by the young generation and thousands of the users are all around the world. It is used for making audio and video calls and also available for the iPad. It is really good news for the user’s as the iPad app can be used on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks, user can also mail the text messages and make calls to the landline and other mobile numbers by using iPad.

Skype app support with the latest iPad 2 and the old iPad however the latest model is needed for making the video calls. While there are various software for recording the Skype calls on the PC but for recording it on the iPad or iPhone is somewhat different.

So how to do the recording of the Skype calls on the iPad. You can do this by downloading a recording app, as by using this recorder app and clicking the record button. But this will only work when you have the app in the background, and the call didn’t get disconnected. Or else you can do is that first launch the recording app and then go for Skype as by doing this the recording occur in the background.

You can do it simply with the Quick Voice app is a free voice recorder with the minimum number of interface and by using it you are able to record audio files for unlimited time period. But it has some limitation that this will not work in the background if the size of the audio file exceeds more than 5 MB than it can’t be transferred from the iPad.

Or else you can go for the another software for recording the audio, video files. AthTek Skype Recorder software is best software to use for recording Skype calls it is very effective and records the high quality charts and video formats. By using there is need of recording the entire chats manually it record automatically in the background whenever you receive any call. By using there is no need to buy any voice recorder to recording. It also records the videos. It is user friendly and compatible with the both the windows 7&8 version. The best thing of this app is that it record call of both the side. Different audio files like OCG, FLAC, WMA, Mp3etc and video file of the AVI format is saved by using this software.

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It helps for various purposes like for business deals, and also for watch your children activities. You are able to record important conversation, deals with the clients or business partners. And also the user can automatically upload the recordings to the server.