Steps to Fix Runtime Error 1004

runtimeA frequent bothersome for windows users are run time errors. These errors particularly occur in various Microsoft office programs, including Microsoft excel. This error is Runtime Error 1004 that excel users generally come across. This is a catch all error code which tries to define errors that are basically indefinable. Because of this, this type of error could actually spot for a large numbers of problems. In this blog, one will come to know about the common reasons for encountering this error and provide some instructions to assists resolve the problems.


There are some particular symptoms which indicate that this error is persisting. It usually comes about when opening an Excel file or trying to access the Excel Desktop icon. There is a message displayed saying that “Method in Key up Object Program APPLICATION Failed.” Some other details will notify that the program is not able to load resource library, advising that to exit the application, installing the resource library again and restarting the program.

In order to fix this issue there is software available. It is incorporated with one of the most sophisticated recursive scanning technology that scans the PC for performance related issues and errors. If the system is cluttered with malicious malware, spyware, junk files, Windows registry errors or anything such then this powerful program resolves them all by taking desirable steps. It repairs, cleans and optimizes the entire PC to make it work as if it is new system. It not only optimizes the system performance but also checks on a regular basis, if all the logical components of the system are working at is best or not. It is a complete system manager and optimizer that need to be there in Windows system. So, without wasting any more time, just download Speedy PC and witness its superb optimizing power like never before.

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Steps to speed up PC

  1. Scan for Problems


2. View Result


3.Clean the unwanted item




These are the steps that helps to optimize PC by fixing Run time error 1004 within few seconds without any additional technical knowledge.