How to recover the encrypted PST password?

imagesMS Outlook created by Microsoft as a member of Microsoft Office suite. PST (Personal Storage Table) file format also known as Personal Address Book (.pab) or Personal Folder File. It is used by the MS outlook to store notes, emails, calendars etc. It’s great to secure your PST file with a password, unless you to tend to forget PST password. Fortunately the password encryption for PST file is not strong that means it can be easily hacked. There are few tool that you can use to retrieve the forgotten passwords among them here you have one of the most powerful software PST password recovery tool which is very useful for the outlook user to recover their outlook account password.

The passwords are usually lost after reformatting hard drive, an error occurs in messaging interface and an unknown error 0x80040600 appears. This professional software can easily recover and restore complex password (mixture of character and symbol) or password having long length. It will not provide the password once you were using it will provide another password through which you can easily access the mails and folders. This software gives you many facilities such as it can instantly recover your password not only this it provides a user friendly interface so the user can effortlessly recover the password it supports different versions of MS Outlook like 2000,2002,2003,2007.

It also gives you advanced feature known as “Quick/Multiple uninstall” to remove one or more than one programs at the same time. It has a new option known as “Forced Uninstall” which remove the incompletely installed programs or incompletely uninstalled programs, stubborn and programs which are not listed in window program file but are installed in window. It has a user friendly interface so it doesn’t require the user to have technical knowledge to operate it. It monitors all the system changes which made during the installation and uses this information to remove the program entirely from the operating system without leaving any mark. The coolest thing is that PST password recovery tool recover PST password in a very small duration. You can easily restore the lost and forgotten password for PST.

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How to recover PST password:

The following guide will help you to recover your lost PST password:

Step 1

Run this powerful recovery tool

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Step 2

Click on “open” button to choose your PST file.


Step 3

After choosing the PST file, click on “File Properties” button to recover the properties of chosen file

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Step 4

Now click on “Recover” button to recover the lost or forgotten Password.

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