Get Rid of Password Protected PDF Documents In Easy Way on Windows & Mac!

Some PDF files are protected by a password and therefore you have to enter a password each time when you want to view the document. Sometimes, there are many users out there, who forget the password of the PDF files and then look for a solution on how to remove PDF password.

Below, you can see one real user example.

User Example – Looking For A Solution on How To Get Rid of Password Protected PDF File

How Can I Remove Password Protection From my PDF File? 


I have a PDF file that is protected by a password. I tried almost all free online tools to unlock the password but they don’t work. I know the password but online tools are showing the error: The uploaded file does not seem to be a valid PDF file.

Please let me know if there is any online tool or any software that can remove the password so I can share the file with others



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Fortunately, there is a way through which you can remove the password from protected PDF documents. In this post, I have provided two ways that will help you to remove PDF password on Windows and Mac.

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Two Ways To Remove, Unlock or Crack Password From PDF Document

Note: This solution requires password to open PDF file so that you remove protection from it. And PDF should not have printing restrictions.

Well, it looks little tricky, but the real truth is that you can easily remove the password from PDF by just opening it (require a password to open document) and printing it to a new PDF. By this, you can create a duplicate PDF and that duplicate files will not have a password.

This can be done in few different ways.

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Remove Password From PDF Files with Google Chrome on Windows

If you are using Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux, then you can do it directly through your browser. First, you have to open PDF document in Chrome and enter the password it needed. After this, click on “Print” button from the PDF toolbar.

Now, under Destination click on “Change” button and select “Save as PDF” and then click on “Save” button. As you click on Save button, the save dialogue box will appear that will ask you to provide a name and location to save your new PDF file.

That’s All!

Your new PDF document will contain the same content as the original, but it will not be protected by a password.

The above method will work in Chrome on any operating system. However, you can apply the same method with other PDF printer and applications.

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Remove Password From PDF Files with Microsoft Edge on Windows

Since Windows 10 has PDF printer, it means that you can unlock password protected PDF document in Microsoft Edge or any other PDF viewer on Windows OS.

Just like Chrome, open password protected PDF file in Microsoft Edge and enter the password to view it.  Then click on “Print” button from the PDF toolbar.

Now select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ printer and click on ‘Print’ button. After this, the save dialogue box will appear that will ask you to provide a name and location to save your new PDF document.

You can apply the same method on any PDF viewer on Windows 10. You have to just select the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ printer. But, if you are using an older version of Windows OS, then you will have to install third-party PDF printer in order to follow this method (or simply use Chrome).

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Remove Password From PDF Document on Mac

Just like on Windows computer, the above method work on Mac system. You can perform this with Preview or any other PDF viewer applications and in-built PDF printing feature.

First, you have to open protected PDF files in Preview and enter the password to open it. After this, click on File and then click on Print to open print option.

At the end of the print dialogue box, you can see the ‘PDF’ menu as a drop down – click on that and select ‘Save as PDF’. After, this saves dialogue box will appear, simply enter the name and select the destination path to save your new PDF file.

This new PDF document will have the same content as original, but will not have any password.

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Recommended Method: Use PDF Password Cracker

For Windows Users

PDF Password Cracker which is also called as PDF password remover or password recovery tool or password reset is a program that can be used to remove the password and other restriction from a PDF file that prevents you from printing, opening or changing the PDF file. This PDF password cracker tool has the capability to recover the PDF user password and owner password allowing full access to the PDF file.

There may be a lot of reasons why you need to print or edit a PDF file and are not able to because it requires a password. For that situation, you can free download PDF Password Cracker which is used to remove PDF password easily. It tends to unlock PDF files within seconds and it takes away the restrictions on editing, printing, and copying which is extremely efficient for encrypted files. This program is designed to be a very effective and easy way to remove PDF password. It supports batch decrypting PDF files without any limitations.

It removes restrictions from PDF file and supports multiple formats and languages like PDF1.0-1.7 formats. This software eliminates restrictions and PDF by using three steps which are an import, decrypt and launch. It is exceedingly clear along with user-friendly GIU interface.

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For Mac Users

If you are Mac users, then you can use PDF Password Cracker for Mac. The feature and functions is almost same as PDF password cracker for Windows. This tool can be used on Mac computer to remove or unlock password from PDF files.

Key Features of PDF Password Cracker For Mac

  • Crack PDF Password and Restrictions
  • Decrypt PDF under Any Encryption System
  • Easy to Use with High-efficiency
  • 100% Safe, Clean and Green



From the above solution and steps I hope, you were able to remove the password protection from PDF files. The PDF password removal solutions through Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Preview require a password. But if in case you have forgotten or do not know the password of PDF document, then in such cases, you can use PDF Password Cracker software and it is available for both Windows and Mac.

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