How to split Outlook PST files to remove corruption of Large PST Files?

spli-pst-sizeMicrosoft (MS) Outlook is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft and a member of Microsoft Office suite. Most the user uses it to share their personal information. Outlook use PST file (Personal Storage Table) file stores all journals, contacts, notes, email-messages, tasks and other items thus it has become the most important part of Outlook. When we are unable to open the PST file or we suspect that the .pst file is damaged then we usually get annoyed because it carry the vital information related to us. These PST file get damaged, corrupted or inaccessible due to physical or logical reasons.

Large size PST files:

It is quite reasonable that continues use of Outlook make PST files large in size.  This large size generally slows down the speed of Outlook as well as increases the chances to easily get damaged. For this you need excellent software to split the large PST size into smaller one.

Issues Due to large size:

Many large size PST file pose too many serious problems which require perfect solution otherwise it will slow the speed forever.  To get rid of this problem you need to fragments many large size PST files into smaller ones. Or else you will come across the following problems:

It will be time consuming:

Inside large size PST file searching for particular information will be very time taking it will take more to open and close. On the other hand with too many smaller sizes file it is will take less time.

Slow speed of Outlook:

 Large PST file can slow down your work it will slow down your emailing operation which will effect your work and your crucial time will get wasted.

Corruption of Outlook file:

The older versions of Outlook like 2000 and 2002 have the limitation of only 2GB memory in which you can only save the data of 2GB if the size of PST exceeds then it gets corrupted.

Break the Large size PST:

To get rid of the above problem you need to break the large size in to smaller ones. For the perfect solution you can use the powerful software that can easily break them into smaller parts. Here you have the solution to repair corruption that occurs in Outlook email Application due to large size PST file.  Split PST File one of the best solution to split multiple large size .pst files into smaller parts. This powerful software gives you the freedom to choose and split PST file according to your wish. You cut down the large size into smaller ones like Split them according to date, Split them according to size, Split them according to year, Split them according to folders, Split them according to selected folders. This powerful software helps you to get rid of the corruption issue due to large size PST files.