How to increase the performance of PC

PC-PerformanceWhile working on your computer, you might feel that it not performing properly as it used to do when it was new. There are many ways how you can enhance the performance of your PC. You might not be sure what would be right for your computer and what is not. However, here are some proven performance enhancements which you can perform on your computer, in order to enhance its performance. They are as follows:

1: Getting rid of malware

how_to_improve_pc_performanceNew computers are generally not affected by malwares. Malware can enter your computer in many ways. It slows your machine by sending spam emails, performs any number of the other nefarious tasks that hackers like to use their botnet slaves for, works on cracking cryptography, or searches for other computers to infect from the background of the system. So it has to be removed from your system. You can detect the malware on your system by scanning your system with the help of antivirus on your system.  As this virus scan would help you in removing the malware from your PC.

2: Defragmentation

The performance of your computer can be enhanced by Defragging your hard drives. The modern Windows systems are capable of defragging automatically on a regular basis. This also plays a vital role to increase the speed of your computer.

3: Upgrade to a better video card

If you consider the task from business productivity point of view, an upgraded video card plays an important role in increasing the performance or speed of your PC. If you are playing games on your PC you can see the difference when you play it with an upgraded video card. In some cases, it plays an important role even if you are not doing any heavy on screen video work, because for some applications can be leveraged for the calculations of GPUs.

4: Remove junk

Junk plays a major role for your computers slow performance and it easily gets loaded in your PC. The junk gets accumulated when we install “helpful” toolbars, utilities, and other add-ons. Here are some of the things that you have to seek out and remove it to increase the performance of the computer:

  1. Web servers and database servers that you had installed on your PC but you are not using now has been left behind.
  2. Applications for P2P.
  3. Toolbars.
  4. Sometimes you do not need the service of Windows.
  5. Crapware from the PC maker
  6. You should be cautious while automatically updating various applications on your systems because some apps, like Flash, QuickTime, Acrobat, and Web browsers are primarily targeted by malware and you would have to keep these up-to-date.
  7. Browser plug-ins like the Skype browser plug-in is an especially bad offender.
  8. Things that run on startup.

speed-up-computer-with-notepadEven after performing the above mentioned steps then you can enhance the performance of the Computer by using Speedy PC software.  This is a professional tool that increases the speed of your PC by removing the malware from your PC, improves system start up time, removing all unwanted advertisements, stops running unwanted process and may more.

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Steps to use Speedy PC:

Step 1: Scan for Problems.speedypc_pro_scan 1

Step 2: View Result.speedypc_pro_scan_results 2

Step 3: Clean the unwanted items.speedypc_pro_clean 3

Step 4: Complete.pc_clean 4