Keep your Mac safe with MacKeeper- Complete Solution at single Platform

your Mac safe with MacKeeperFor Mac user it’s not very regularly you can find a sequence of apps that has 16 utilities in one bundle, but this tool offer 16 utilities all in one application called MacKeeper. It has got you enclosed in additional ways than one. You can get this tool with only for just $29 – and employ it for two of your Macs to boot! This tool provides limitless features so that it is one of the popular Mac tool.  

Security Features of MacKeeper

Internet Security: We know that the all threats are come from internet, this feature will protect your Mac from all online threats like phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, malware etc.


Anti-Theft: it utilizes the most superior technologies to situate a stolen computer and help you to get it back.

Optimization Features with MacKeeper

Update Tracker: it records the all update related information of all apps in one place and makes the updating procedure much more suitable.

Login Items: Optimize and make your Mac faster by setting up the applications to execute upon login.
Default Apps: It describe which application will unlock each file type.

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Data Control Features MacKeeper

Data Encryptor: To make your computer’s file protected from unwanted accessibility through double password protection and AES encryption standards.

Files Recovery: It also allows user to recover deleted and trashed files from your Mac’s hard drive. Through this you can get back lots of file formats both for HFS+ and NTFS systems. it also able to recover files from external storage devices.

Backup: Through this tool you can also create and schedules backups of significant files on your Mac’s hard drive as well as outside devices and online storages.

Shredder: This allows you to delete files or folders without any possibility to recover them.
ZeoDisk: Share, backup, and sync all your files online.

Cleaning Features

Fast Cleanup: It is packed with an advance cleanup tool that allows you to completely remove all kinds of junk from your Mac.

Smart Uninstaller: Uninstall completely unnecessary applications leaving no junk behind.

Disk Usage: Do complete scan of data on your Mac and displays the largest files on the hard drive.

Duplicates Finder: This tool is able to find the duplicate files and delete them with a single click.

Files Finder: You can easily find any specified file with the scan file feature of this tool.

If you want to utilize your Mac system then this tool is for you, simply download and install it to make your task easier.

Steps to use Mackeeper:

Step 1- Download MacKeeper
Download MacKeeper and once the app is installed on your Mac, run it from your Applications folder



Step 2- Activate One-Click Scan

To begin with, hit on the One-Click Scan icon in the left part of MacKeeper’s window, and you will get six drive clean-up utilities which are Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Duplicates Finder, Languages Cutter, Logs Cleaner and Old Files Finder that will be launched at once. All these utilities will scan your hard drive together for space to be cleaned, and One-Click Scan will show you the total amount of this space.


Step 3- Select files for removal

Search the list of files which are safe to be cleaned below the horizontal scrollbar and decide which ones to keep and which to delete. Select all the files by clicking the Check button or keep all files in the list by clicking the Uncheck button. Use the Quick Look button to preview the file content.


Step 4- Remove the files you don’t want

When ready, look through the files once again in order not to accidentally delete a file you still need. After that hit on remove to get rid of all useless files. Warning! Be sure that you have chosen only useless files.


Step 5- (Optional) Use Filter to find a specific file

If needed, use Filter to find a specific file among the scan results, or scan the drive one more time by clicking Re-scan.



Step 6- (Optional) Customize the tool in Preferences

You can customize the list of cleaners to be included in One-Click Scan in MacKeeper’s Preferences window.