Lexar Card Recovery – Recover deleted photos from Lexar card

Lexar Card Recovery Have you formatted your Lexar camera card by pressing the wrong button? Have you deleted all the pictures from your Lexar card by pressing delete all button unintentionally? Want to recover all inaccessible images and other stored data from your Lexar memory card, don’t worry because this article will give the answer of all your questions.

Along with the fast growth of digital cameras, Lexar CF card shows a tuff control in the market of memory card. This memory card is ideal and able to give you an ideal and optimal performance, this camera card is able to perform quickly shot sequence of high-resolution images, or pictures of any moving subject. It is also able to transfers data quicker than a standard SD card and so that it can swiftly save the captured images and so camera get prepared for next photo in the very small time. But along with all the priceless function some problems may also happens with this card, such as images can get deleted with a single selection, Lexar card get formatted easily, sometime corruption or any error can also occurs.

Sometime, you don’t format your memory card but when you connect it to the PC then it forces you to do so, or all the sorted data get inaccessible. And you have only one way to open your memory card i.e. formatting but after formatting your data get deleted.

If your card suffers from any types of problem then first make sure that it is properly inserted or not. If all is ok then try to connect your camera card with other computer because sometime due to BIOS related problem system gets unable to perform memory card related problem. If you still unable to access Lexar card, then it is sure that Lexar card gets corrupted or due to whatever reason.

Most Common Reasons for losing data from Lexar SD Card are:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletions of files from Lexar SD card will the reason of long-lasting deletion of stored files.
  • Lexar SD card infected by virus/Malware: This is very common reason, if your Lexar card comes contact with any computer virus/malware then  due to which your Lexar SD card may get damaged  and leads to loss of images, music files and other priceless data stored in this card
  • Improper removal or insertion of Lexar SD card: It is necessary to remove Lexar card safely form any device, if you avoid this then it harms your memory card badly.
  • Formatting of Lexar SD card: You can format your memory card very easily by pressing few buttons, so while doing anything with your memory card always be confirm what you want to do not perform any function that you don’t know.

How to Recover Data from Lexar card:

To restore data from Lexar card there are mainly two options are available, but before applying any one make sure that you able to execute it or not.

First Lexar data recovery method is restoring, in this process you have to restore Lexar card by using any updated backup file. For this task you need an updated backup of your data that you want to restore. Avoid restoration by using any outdated backup file because it may harm your data.

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If you don’t have any backup file or unable to restore using backup file then you have to apply third party Lexar card recovery tool. This software is able to recover photos, videos and other related data from Lexar card without need of backup file. It is also very easy to use method and one can easily execute this without need of any professional knowledge. So free download Lexar card recovery software and restore your process less data with a single click.

Steps to Recover Photos from Lexar Card

Step 1- Download and install SD card recovery software on your computer. Connect the media card and launch the software and click the “Recover Photo, Audio and Video” button.



Step 2- A list will appeared select the required drive and click “Start Now”, you can also use “Advance Scan” option to customize the recovery. sd2

Step 3-By selecting “Advance Scan” option you can perform a selective recovery process based on only those deleted data type (images, audio files, video files, etc) that you want to recover.


Step 4- Now preview and select those files from the recovered files which you want back.


Step 5-Enter the location to save the recovered files in the appeared dialog box and wait till completion of process bar.