List of PC Hardware issues and its solutions!


Computer is an electronic device which has many parts installed in it. Just like other electronic device working or moving parts may breakdown at anytime similarly computer hardware can also fails at anytime? PC hardware is the most major parts in building a PC.  If hardware fails then you cannot run or work on your PC. You have to hire computer experts or technical engineer to repair them. No one can guarantee what kind of problems can enter into your PC at what time. Here I will explain some of the PC hardware issue and their solution.

1 – Low memory problem

Problem –Computer has enough memory space but even then also you get error message “Low disk Space” when you try to save any files or folder in your PC.

Solution – To get rid of this problem you must delete unwanted files from your Hard disk.  Sometimes virus attack can also show such kinds of problem so scan your computer with updated antivirus and remove it from computer. Or you can run Disk cleanup Command to clean Hard Disk.

2 – Computer running slow problem

Problem – Computer run very slow and the sometimes it hangs out.

RAM problem

Solution – This problem can come in many ways either your RAM is not working problem, hard drive is full, virus or unwanted program, etc. Best solution for you is defrag your hard drive, Open RAM slot and clean it then inserts it, fix registry errors, uninstall unwanted programs.

3 – CPU over heating problem

Overheating of CPU is caused by temperature issue which is a bad sign as it can destruct the processor and can cause several problems in the hardware of the computer.  The temperature of the processor is totally depending upon the brand and model type and you should be aware of it to prevent unintentional problem.

Solution – To avoid overheating of the CPU due to the temperature problems, it is important that you must take suitable measures to cool down both CPU and processor.

  1. Ensure that fresh air is from outside is entering directly toward components with high temperatures like CPU, graphic card, RAM, etc.
  2. Improve fresh air exchange when you rearrange the cables and hardware to maximize air circulation.
  3. Ensure that the air from the hot parts of computer is vented outside the CPU.
  4. Supply your computer with fan or heat sink.

4 – Hard disk Problem

Hard disk of computer may get destroyed or may provide fault error message at any time. Though any minor fault can be easily fixed by Disk first Aid toolkit, but if there is any major problem with your hard disk then there are no way to fix it instead you have to replace it with another one.

PC Hard disk issue

If hard disk gets destroyed and when you try to open it you may get such error message “No system disk is found”. It means that your CPU is not able to find out the necessary system disk for your computer. But it doesn’t mean that your Hard Disk is really destroyed or damaged. Sometimes such error message is displayed when there is any problem in RAM slot, motherboard or power unit. It can also be displayed due to some problem in some DOS files. To be sure about the actual fault of your computer hard disk you have to be more careful.

Solution – In such cases open your system unit, check the cable connection to your Hard disk and if you find it lose then reconnect it. Also check Ram is placed in its correct place or not if not placed correctly then reinsert it properly. Now check the power connection to your mother board. If everything is alright then close the system unit and press the Power button. BY doing this you can fix your Hard disk problem.

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Alternative option to fix PC Hardware Problem

If you are facing with any hardware problem that is mentioned above you can fix them by following the solution provided below them. But what if you are not able to fix them even after following the solution, in such cases you can take the help of third party software that is Reimage Repair. With the help of this software you can easily quick scan your computer and detect the actual problem of your hardware issue like hard disk, low memory space, CPU overheating, etc and advice you what needs to be repaired. For example – If your CPU temperature is too high, it will suggest you to clean your cooling fan and so on. Therefore download Reimage repair software now to know the hardware problem and how to fix it.