How to Lock files, Encrypt and Backup Folder

imagesIt is very important to protect your sensitive files and folders. You don’t know when your data will be compromised. You don’t know when the snooper will find the way to access your files. So why not to hide your important files or folders from their snooping eyes. Data security is very important in fast moving technology. If you are getting nightmare related to your data security then let that nightmare turn into a beautiful dream. Now the question will be how? How to secure your data in a trendy way instead of keeping guardsmen.

You speak and the software listened yes you got an amazing software that will guard your files, folder and Backup Folder. Folder Lock is the best data protection software that can give full security to your sensitive data. It got many award-winning features that make it best among software. When it comes about your data security then you need to be sure about the software. Ofcourse you can’t trust any software blindly but if you want your nightmare to disappear then this is the perfect way to make them, disappear. It is the secure backup solution for your personal and confidential data.

 It not only lock, hide the password protected or encrypted files and folders but even backup the encrypted files to make them secure online as well as keep your data sync all the time so that you don’t have to worry about your data. It also provides government-level encryption for your data and allows you to create Lockers and keep them in the shared folders, mapped drives, you can easily access your encrypted data from the network location without copying anything on the hard drive. After having this amazing software you need not to worry about your data security.

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How to Lock files, Encrypt and Backup Folder

Below you have the detailed steps that will guide on how to use Folder Lock to secure you to confidential data.

Step 1

Run Folder Lock software and enter the master password that you have put during the installation. You will receive 10 option to enter the master password once you entered the access your locked files now click on “OK” to continue the Lock files list.


Step 2

After accessing the lock file feature you will get the list of locked files. The locked files will be empty if you have entered the lock file for the first time. Now add file or folders by dragging and dropping option or just click on ‘Add’ button. After entering the lock file list window you can start adding your data for locking.

Step 3

If you want to add folder or files to locking list then just click on ‘Add’ button on top menu. After that you will get the pull down menu with the options so that you can add the files or folders or drives.

To add the file, simply click on ‘Add file’ option and the select your file. You can choose multiple files and then click on ‘Add’.


To add folder, simply click on ‘Add folder’ option and choose your folder. After choosing your folder click on ‘Add’

To add the Drive to locking list, simple click on ‘Add Drives’ and select your drive. After this hit on’ Add’.

You can even add the files, drives or folder by dragging from your computer and drop into the program window. After selecting the item is dropped it will be listed in the locked items.