How to Make a Flipbook on Mac – Create Your Own Flash Flip Book?

How to Make a Flipbook on Mac

PDF files are very popular file format because it is a portable document format, PDF file format is used to carry large text contents so that it is very popular among the commercial circle and also in private life.

But the main problem with PDF file is you can only see the content of this file by using PDF readers. PDF can able to contain images, graphics, links etc but it is not flexible and not sufficient for representing your inspirations. If you want to represent your ideas or make your PDF file more attractive then you can do this task by converting your PDF file to Flash Flip Book.

To make a flash flipbook which is very appropriate for online viewing on any device use any third party flash flipbook maker for Mac application that can able to generating flash page-flipping journals, newspapers, brochures, ebooks, flyers etc from PDF file.

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How to Convert?

Load PDF for Making a Flip book

Install the PDF to flipbook Mac application and after installation run this application for the conversion process. Select “Import” button to add PDF file, locate the source PDF file and load it on the application. If you want to remove any unwanted files from your loaded PDF file then you can do it by entering the page range or page.


Modify/Customize the reading interface of your own flipbook

To make the interface of the flipbook more attractive for your online audience you can modify and make you own flipbook more interactive and flexible interface.

a. Apply Proper settings : page thickness, book page style, book flipping speed, background image, sound,  preloader etc all settings can be customized to make sure the created flash flip book is unique and convincing enough.

b. Toolbar and tooltip language: with the help of this tool, you can self-customize the language of the toolbar and text of the toolbar to make your flipbook readable for the readers of different languages.

c. Easy navigation: Navigation is the most important thing because a flexible navigation can make your flipbook easy to read. You can customize the bookmarks, navigation buttons and table of contents for easy navigation.


Publish and create a flash flip book

After creating a flipbook click on the “Publish” button to choose HTML or SWF (flash) as the output format and after it click on the “Done” button to make a flipbook.