If you are a regular internet user with lots of accounts in different websites then there are chances to forget your user IDs and passwords for all the websites.  If you are worried about forgetting your user IDs and passwords then you must need a powerful password manager that can easily manage your ID s and passwords on your behalf.

Now you have Password Manager that can easily solve your problems. It is one of the leading password manger that can enhance your internet experience by entering the saved password and bookmarking sites. It is very useful software that not only saves your passwords, bookmark websites but can also fill out the forms. All the data are stored on your computer or online through syncing.

Now it is very easy for you to login into your favorite websites or application. With the help of this Password Manager you need not to remember your username or password. Your username or passwords are automatically saved on your computer. It secretly stores your username address or other personal information to fill your forms.  You can easily access it from anywhere and from any device.

One click login: You just need to put your password on speed dial to log in any websites with a single click.

Single Master Password: This software remembers all your websites or windows passwords you just need to remember one single master password.

Single click from filling: It keeps your username, address and other personal information to fill your online form.

Browser support: It easily integrates with Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. that allow you to share information between the browsers.

Phishing Protection: This software can login only if you have entered the correct website that makes it harder submit to phishing scams.

Synchronized and backup: You can easily synchronize you saved information between your computers.

On Screen Keyboard: You need not to use the keyboard to login into your website it display an on Screen Keyboard to enter the password.

Save contacts: It easily saves your friends and co-workers information.

Supports Mobiles: It easily access it from any device.

Access it from anywhere: You can securely access the saved data from anywhere.

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Supported Platforms: It is supportable with different operating systems such as Mac, Linux, or windows

PDA Friendly: You can view your passwords on Blackberry, Palm, Windows mobile or Symbian devices.

How to Use RoboForm Password Manager

Step: 1- Install RoboForm

Download RoboForm on the device and browser that you want to select. More than one device? No problem. RoboForm Everywhere keeps them all in sync.

Step: 2 – Select Your Master Password

The Master Password is the one password that you need to remember. The Master Password is not stored by RoboForm, so be sure not to forget it.

Step: 3 – Add Logins to RoboForm

In RoboForm the more password you store is better. Store the entire password in a CSV? Wish to import from another password manager? Then RoboForm can import it from either. Or else let the RoboForm save new passwords whenever you log in.

Step: 4 – Log in Just in Single Click

RoboForm is having the entire password stored in it, and you can easily log in to the favourite websites in a single click.

Step: 5 – Discover RoboForm’s features

Additionally for one click logins. RoboForm has a entire mass of remarkable features including random password generation, powerful search, saving into folders, password audit, safenotes, web form filling and secure password sharing are some of them.

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