Manage Windows Passwords!

When people are not habituated of internet or when internet was not so much used by people, at that time password play a small role in everyday life. Think about it: Except the Pin number of your ATM card, what else important password you need to remember? But now you can visit most of the sites without registering to it. You need to register to those particular sites and you have to generate a username and password. It doesn’t matter which sites you are visiting whether it is a small or a big website you need to have username and password.

So, for every users it has become a big challenge to generate a hacker proof password but easy to remember password and manage and store them securely and safely. It is because you may not remember your entire password therefore you may need a some kind of software to do job for you. So what you can do to keep your username and password safe and protected on your Windows system.

Create different password for different websites

If you or your company employee uses single password for each and every work they do online and if hackers anyhow gets the password of any one site, then they have got access to all of your websites you use.  So it is important that you must create different password for each and every site you visit. It is important because hackers use special kind of password cracking program to guess what your password so that they can get access to your accounts. So what make a secure password and how you can create a good password for each and every website you visit?

To make your password secure create a longer password with different character, the longer your password, it is better. Most of the websites require at least six characters, but if you extend it out 8 or 10, you will be able to raise the level of protection to your password. Extending your password by using more character means more possible combination, making it more harder to crack. You can also add a combination of upper and lower case letters to make your password stronger. It is obvious that doesn’t provide the solution to have different password for different sites. To create a different password, one of the possible methods is that you can start your password with the name of the sites and then create a password around it.  You can use the same method for each and every site you visit and this is how you can easily create different and strong password for different sites. Even a Microsoft recommends having password that is at least 14 characters long. What I like about this method is that it is somewhat easy to remember – the name of website and few swapping of number and letters to create password.

But one thing you should take a note that remembering password of each and every site is not so much easy. And therefore we bring some of the automated solution that can be a major help to you – Particularly when you want to manage password on your Windows operating system.

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Tools we recommend

So, if you do not want to bother about on how to secure and manage password for each and every sites you visit then you can take help of trusted and professional Password Manager software. Such password creates a unique, hacker-proof password for each and every site you visit. Store that password for you and enter it into the password field every time you visit the site. All you have to do is just remember the single master password so that you can access the manager. In other word you can call it as one password to control all of them! Such tool directly integrates with the web browser. It also comes with encrypted desktop vault program that you can use for other use than just web password. For example – you can use it to store family social security numbers, software registration codes and even debit or credit card numbers for purchasing products online easily and smoothly.


So, if you want to manage your username and passwords of various sites then you can go for Password Manger software, which will help you to fill up the username and password to login to the websites. And of course you do not have to remember any password of any websites except the master password of software.