Recent advancement in IT sector and technology had led to several benefits and amazing gadgets. The most impressive among them is the mobile phones. It is the widely used gift of technological development. But, there are certain disadvantages and risks while using such gadgets. The most concerning risk related to these mobile phones is their misusage which is especially by kids.

Nowadays, the greatest concern of parents is the use of mobile phone by their kids. In today’s generation, kids are attracted towards mobile phones easily as there are several ways of misusing it. Generally, android based phones are very much popular. Android Monitoring software developed by reputed and professional offshore mobile development service provider can be bought easily which is used to monitor the entire cell phone activities. With the use of this software, it will provide great help to those parents and helps in saving their children from misusing mobile technologies.

You can use Phone Sheriff Software for monitoring Android phone easily. It is the parental control software which allows all android phone activities effectively. Using this software, you will be able to track the entire activities such as incoming SMS, incoming call, visited websites, outgoing call etc. If any parent needs to track their child’s smart phone activities then they require installing this app on their child activities in order to start recording. When finished installing, all the android phone activities such as SMS text messages, call information, GPS locations through secure online control panel are able to access anywhere by just using username and password will be tracked. PhoneSheriff account will upload activities and GPS locations through internet and able to see entire details on your secure account.

This powerful software can block and filter few specific activities such as able to specify time when no calls are made or unable to use smartphones. It allows you to know that at time when SIM card is changed and able to view GPS locations along with maps in every 30 minutes. If you want you can lock your phone for certain period of time by using this software. This software performs your entire monitoring task without facing any difficulty.

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Below mentioned are some of the features of parental control software for Android based phones:

  • SMS Logging: Parents are able to log into their child’s account easily and all the messages sent or received by their children can be read. Login will be completely secret and the child even unable to understand that their messages has been checked.
  • Call Recording: Parents will get to know each and every details of their child’s call on their Android phone.
  • Picture Logging: Using this software, all the pictures on child’s Android phone will be uploaded onto a secret online account without knowing them.
  • Control the Contacts: You are able to check the numbers stored on your kid’s mobile phone easily and can block the numbers which you don’t want your child to use.
  • Browsing History: Just having parental control over child’s phone is not enough for today. Even though the history is deleted, you will be able to view browsing history of Android based phone easily using parental control software.
  • SIM Change Notification: If your child is trying to change the SIM of the Android phone then you will get to know instantly about the SIM change activity by using this software.
  • GPS Tracking: With the help of GPS tracking, you will get to know the exact place where your child will be.
  • Non-GPS tracking: Incase GPS connection is very weak in the location where your child is then at such situation this software will use its Wi-Fi connections to get to know child’s exact location.


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