How to monitor employees’ computer!

monitor employees’ computerDo you know what your employees are doing on computer in your absence? They must be playing games or watching YouTube video or reading news. It could be worst; they can ruin your company in term so financial. In this blog I will show you how to monitor your employees’ computer and about internet use or anything which they do on their computer.

Employers may wonder if they can legally monitor their employees’ computer. The answer is YES, employers can monitor their employees’ computer while they are at work. Any computer can now be monitored legally that are given to employee to do work. The survey predicted that around 80% of Private companies monitor their employees’ computer. So, if you are an employer and want to monitor your employee computer activities then read this blog, it will help you as this blog is especially dedicated to employers.

Why Should Employers Monitor Employees’ computer?

Employers want to monitor their employees’ computer activities so that they can know what they had done in his absence or if they are worried about time waste or productivity issues. Watching YouTube videos, chatting with friends can seriously hampers the productivity and cost company loss in terms of money. Furthermore employers must be concerned about your employees viewing restricted contents which are subjected to legal risk. You may be also concerned about leaking of company secret or sensitive information to unknown people which may provide security threats to companies’ computer system. So there are various reasons why should employers monitor employees’ computer, but it should be done in correct way.

Computer monitoring software

Computer monitoring software provides the easiest way to go for, if you’re really concerned about monitoring your Employees’ computer activities. It helps and provides employers a perfect and good solution which provide complete business IT system protection methods. With help of this software you can also monitor and provide safe internet access for your kids. So, till date if you are not using any computer monitoring software then get it now.

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What type of computer Activities an employer can monitor?

Employers can monitor each and every activity that took place on computer. Computer monitoring software allow you to monitor employees’ internet activities, what they are typing, their typing speed, duration they  are on the computer, websites visited, download, emails checked, documents viewed and much more. The software also allow you to capture the screen shots if it is enabled and you can screen your employees’ for any specific keyword and it also helps you to monitor their keystrokes.

Use computer monitoring software fairly and check monitoring reports regularly

Once you have decided to go for computer monitoring software to track employees’ computer activities you must not use it as a spy. Please inform or your employees must know about it that they are noticed while they are at their workstation. They must be confirmed why they are monitored and why you are doing it. This is just because if your employees know that they are being monitored they will be keeping more focus on work and as a result company productivity will increase. It is advisable that employers must check the monitoring reports on regular basis to check any possible security threats and time wasting issues. It depends on what sector and culture your company has. Employer must allow a entertainment break to the employees, but it only depends on how the company is run. If you find that your employees are wasting too much of time on Facebook, watching YouTube videos or doing their own personal work, you must remind them by sending an e-mail or message to them which usually correct the issue and job done. So, use computer monitoring software and make use of it, check the monitoring reports regularly and follow up and see if there is any progress which you have discussed with your employees.