Today in this world, you will find many employees who spend their working hours in focusing on some other specific tasks or in projects which are related to their work responsibilities. Due to all these situations, many companies face a problem with their employees who are loose or relaxed on their duties, doing some other work like surfing the internet for personal use or may search for some other ways just to waste their time. Therefore monitoring your employees will help you a lot to access overall productivity levels and also help to find the potential problems which need to be solved such as using the internet unnecessary or socializing instead of working.

All such situation can make you in a confusion of how to keep a track that your employees are working or doing some other work in working hours. Even when you are in the home and your employees are working, then also your mind will be in the office and thinking of are the employees working? If you are the boss of the company then “How to track and monitor my employees” would be the question you have. No matter how big or small your organization or business is, but if you are administrating then it becomes important to keep an eye on your employees. You have to be sure that the employees are loyal to you and to the organization on which they are working and would give you their best.

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Even when you are in the home and should think of your employees are working or not, then you might think of if there is some way to keep track to the employees from home. The situation of monitoring employees from home might look a little bit difficult technically but also depends on how you organize. To monitor your employees from home, you can use a third party tool to keep a track to the employees. Such type of software automatically records what the employees do on a computer during their working hours.

Monitor Your Employees PC With Spytech SpyAgent Tool

You can use Spytech SpyAgent software which is a powerful utility that enables you to monitor and log internet traffic along with application usage on your computer. With the help of this software all the keystrokes which are typed, websites visited windows, internet connections, print jobs, document viewed, passwords, mouse clicks, emails, application used and screen shots are logged and recorded. This software can be used by home user as it provides the most comprehensive detailed logging which can be found anywhere. This software will help you in recording any actions on your PC with PC spy.

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Spytech SpyAgent also has powerful filtering and access control capabilities. Even you can block the particular websites and keywords and also gives the extra feature which you can block the websites such as sharing, games or adult content etc. You can also get the intimation when some wrong happens because this software will give you alert through the mail when some unwanted things happen.

Steps To Monitor Employees Working :

Step 1: 

After downloading your copy of SpyAgent navigate to where you downloaded. Double click the SpyAgent installer file in order  to start the SpyAgent install.


Step 2:

Click through the installer until you come to this screen. This is where you choose the folder location for SpyAgent’s install. Once you configure the Destination Directory, click the Next button.


Step 3:

Click through the installer until you come to this screen. This is where you choose the install type for SpyAgent. If you want SpyAgent to not appear in the start menu and install the bare minimum files then choose the Stealth installation, as shown below.


Step 4:

When you are done configuring the install you will be asked if you want to include an uninstaller. For total stealth choose NO.


Step 5:

After the installation you have to configure and run SpyAgent! Go to the START button on your desktop and click it once to bring up the Start menu. Choose the RUN… option to get the below window.


Step 6:

Once you are in the install directory you will see the SpyAgent files below if you have chosen Stealth install. Now, Highlight the sysdiag application file as shown below.


Step 7:

Right click on the sysdiag application file and choose RENAME from the menu by clicking on it.


Step 8:

You will now be able to type a new name in for sysdiag. As you can see below we chose to name it “snmp”. Use the below name, or something of your making to conceal SpyAgent’s identity.


Step 9:

After renaming you can now run SpyAgent by double clicking the file you renamed. You will be prompted to configure your password. Once inside SpyAgent click on the ‘GENERAL’ button on the right side of the SpyAgent window. The below window will appear – enable the options exactly as you see in the below window.


Step 10: 

Almost done! Now all that is left to do is click the Start Monitoring button that is highlighted below. You will be prompted for your password – enter it, and click OK. You will receive a notification message on how to bring SpyAgent out of stealth mode to later view logs



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