What is your child doing with the phone? Would you like to monitor your child, whether they are on the right path or not? Nowadays the Android phones, iPhones and smartphones are common among the teenagers. In a survey it has been noted that the average time spend by teenagers on electronic gadgets is around seven and half hours daily. Most teenagers may have Android phone, iPhones or smartphone. Then Mobile Spy software is the best option. By using this software one can check the sms, call, block numbers, time restrictions etc.

Recommended Option To Monitor Kid’s Android Phone

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All one needs to do is to install the software on the child’s phone, this software can filter, block and monitor the activities of the child. The optional log would be safely stored on a secure online account which can be accessible from any part of the world using username and password one creates.

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It is a type of parental control software, it has the facilities of tracking outgoing call, incoming call, outgoing sms, incoming sms, websites they visit, applications and browsers used by them. They can read the SMS text message, outgoing and incoming call information and track the GPS location by secure online control panel. It can block a specific phone number, that is they will neither receive any message or incoming calls from that number nor they can send messages or outgoing calls to that specific number. It can block Applications and Websites. It is capable of blocking the websites, applications or even disables any browser. It can also block certain phone functions. It creates Time Restrictions.

In this feature during the specified time no calls are allowed. During the specified time one cannot use the device. It also has the function of using SMS commands, like getting the GPS location instantly then the device can be locked or unlocked as per requirement. It will send an alert text message if the SIM card is changed. One can also view the call information and text message in the real time. It also provides an option to view the GPS location with the map after every thirty minutes.

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This software would help the parent to monitor their child’s text messages, messages, they can read the messages that are sent, that are received and even the messages that has been deleted. They can also see the photos send by their friends, sexting, online solicitation or befriending some less than desirable characters. Text messages monitoring have been a huge interest in today’s world. With the help of the software one can also view their child’s social networking activity. Kids would make mistakes due to their youthful inexperience. These actions may lead to haunting a child and parent forever, but this software help the parent to access and see into their child’s world. This software will work on Android phones, iPhones and smartphone.

How to Monitor Others Smartphones

You can use this tool with the help of below image

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