How to open encrypted PDF files

How to open encrypted PDF files

PDF file is the very efficient and safest way to transfer any documents from one place to another because it not affects the original file. PDF files will also provide the security to your documents and so that you can confidently send the documents to any person without worrying about file corruption and any other data loss situation. By encrypting PDF file you can easily protect your data from unauthorized person and hackers, an encrypted PDF file is very difficult to decrypt for any hackers so by encrypting you can protect your important files .

But if you forgot the password of any password protected PDF file then it is very difficult to open that file. To open any password protected or encrypted PDF file you need to know about how to open a password protected or encrypted PDF file. The problem is that when you not written your password because there are so many different passwords we use for the different purpose so it is very difficult to maintain and remember our passwords. For any online account it is very easy to retrieve their forgotten password by using password recovery option. But in the case of PDF file it is not possible so that you have to use any other method to open a password protected PDF document.

If your PDF file is password protected and you forgot the applied password then it is very difficult to retrieve the password without using any third party tool because in the case of PDF file there is no-one to ask for help, no-one is going to send you password. Try all the related terms that you usually use to make your passwords like pet name, school name, date of birth and more. If it works then ok but if you are still unable to open PDF file then it might be almost not possible to find out forgotten password.

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Edit Encrypted PDF File with Adobe Acrobat

1.  Open your encrypted PDF file with Acrobat.

2.  Click on the “Secure” button on the top menu.

3.  Select “Remove Security”

4. Type in the PDF’s password.

5. Click “OK”

If you are unable to open and edit the encrypted PDF file then you can also apply any third party encrypted PDF file editor tool. This tool is very effective and easy to use so one can easily open and encrypt the PDF file.