If you are using Windows and if you have just upgraded from windows 8 to 8.1, then you may find some useful way to pinch and would tick the new OS to be optimized for the best performance. Windows 8.1 is an updated version of windows 8 which has come up with some extra security enhancement but it also infects the system some or the other way. For those users who have upgraded to this new version, for them, it was not a happy experience. In fact, many of them had found that their system has become slow after installing the windows 8.1.

When you windows 8.1 run slow then you can either convert it to the previous version or you can optimize it for the better performance. The best idea would be to optimize it so that it can run faster than before. However, there are some ways by which you can speed up your windows 8.1 by following those ways. Mentioned below are some of the tips:

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Optimize Hard Drives

When you upgrade your system to windows 8.1, it fragments to your drives and that is why your system may work slowly after installing the new version. Therefore to make your system run faster, you have to optimize the hard drives of your windows 8.1 by using defragmentation feature. After making all such change, your computer will work fast and smooth.

Fix Windows 8.1 Registry

After the windows 8.1 have launched, several solutions are working true with different issues. Among all of them, one of the most useful ways by which you can make your computer smooth is to optimize windows 8.1 registry with the help of a perfect registry cleaner freeware. Just scan your windows 8.1 registry and checks for errors, and then fix them to ensure healthy registry records. With the help of this, you will not only enable your system to run smoothly but it will also prevent from small crashes and hangs up your system. Similarly, using this software you can also remove the fragments that are created while updating to windows 8.1.

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Disable Start up Programs

If there are loads of programs t windows 8.1 then the start up can be late to perform the operations and would prevent from booting fast. So, you are instructed to disable or delete all the programs from the startup if you want to run your windows 8.1 faster.

Disable all Unnecessary Services

You will see that there are some services which work for the system and some of they are of no use and they are still burdened by your system. So searching all those unwanted services and disabling them would give your system a relief from the burden of unnecessary services and would help you to run the other programs smoothly in your system. Removing all the useless services would free up your memory for other programs.

Our Recommendation

If the above-mentioned step doesn’t work in making your system to run faster and smoother, then I would recommend you to use the third party tool so that your system can run faster. To make your system perform better and to run smoothly, you can use Reimage Repair Tool which helps you to fix and clean all the system registry errors and some other errors easily. With the help of this software, your system will perform well and also run faster than before. Therefore just download this software and install it. It would really help you to make your system smooth and work faster at the time of startup, run and shutdown.

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How Does Reimage Repair PC Works

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