Outlook Email Encryption Solutions

icon_email_encryption_serviceDo you want to send your email in a secure way? PDF Postman for Outlook is a perfect email encryption solution that allows you to send your email securely. It is a solution for your problem on how to send encrypted email messages. If you want to send email messages from your MS Outlook that doesn’t burden the recipient and can help you with HIPAA agreement then this software is ideal for you.

It gives an easy way to send messages or attachments from MS outlook. Anyone can receive message from PDF postman on their computer or mobile phones as well as you need not install nay software all you need is a password. It secure your email message by the help of PDF envelops.  It will convert your text into PDF document and attach it to your email. With the help of this software you can secretly send your official email.

Software features:

  • It can easily send files and email message.
  • It use AES-128 and AES-256 US Government approved bit symmetric key encryption to secure your email.
  • It is compatible with various outlook versions.
  • It is very easy to change the password.
  • You get the choices that whether you want to secure your email message or the attachments.
  • Enterprise deployment through MSI file.
  • It provides a user friendly interface that doesn’t need technical person to operate it.
  • You have a password protect list and settings.
  • It secures your email attachment by embedding them in PDF document. So that the recipient can extract the file by PDF viewer.
  • It is very simple for the recipient they need not install any software.
  • You have password generator to make entropy passwords.
  • It maintains the email formatting and you can easily convert it into rich text, HTML, text email messages to encrypt PDF document.
  • You can also save the encrypted copy of the emails in Outlook’s Sent box.
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How to send encrypted email messages?

It is simple and easy to use Email Encryption and PDF add-in for Outlook.

PDF Postman is affordable, efficient and useful solution for all the problems of how to send encrypted email and attachments. If you are looking for a simple and compatible way to send your email messages securely then this software is perfect for you. It removes the burden and the recipient can easily assist it.


PDF Postman Email as recipient will view in their Outlook Inbox.

  • It is a simple way to send email message securely on a device.
  • You can also send encrypted email messages to the recipient on windows, Mac, Linux, mobile where PDF is supportable.
  • The recipient can easily send the file attachments and after entering the password they can edit the message.
  • It protect you email messages and attachments with AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption.
  • The recipient needs not to download any special software, complex certificates or private key.

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You can also customize the PDF postman cover message from template page in setting menu. 

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