Today, you can access internet from almost all types of mobile phones and tablets. And at the same time there are many contents that are easily available online that can be harmful. Nowadays these devices are more popular among the children. In order to keep them safe from those harmful contents is a great concern for many parents. Here are some ways how you can keep their children away from those harmful contents.

Monitor your child while using tablets

Nowadays the tablets that are available in the market are manufactured in such a way that it would be beneficial for the child. The newer Android devices are equipped with their own suite of parental controls. Among them, Tesco Hudl 2 is the latest feature that is specially designed for Child Safety, with the help of this feature parents can set when their children can go online; set the duration of time, and what sites they can visit. The tablets of Amazon Fire are very child friendly, as it offers the FreeTime controls like that of customization in Tesco models. This would allow you to share some specific movies and books for your children from Amazon account.

The most desirable tablet Apple’s iPad, in order to use this device you have to create user accounts. A child account cannot be created on iOS, but you have an option to switch on and off from the Settings in the Restrictions area. You can create an account for your child only as a user of the device provided they have a valid email id. Then you can set the restrictions and lock them with password.

How to set up parental controls on an iPhone and iPad

In order to set the parental control you have to go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and scroll down to find the option Restrictions and set it as “On”. Then you would be able to access the setting to enable the restrictions. First you would have to create a password for the Restrictions in order to ensure that your child do not go to Settings and disable the choices that you have made. Here you can select those options which you feel it is appropriate for your child.

How to activate Kid’s Corner on Windows Phone

Windows Phone are now available with the safety features known as Kid’s Corner, It is an in-built features on your handset where your children can play. Your child can have access those Medias and apps which are decided by you, and at the same time they cannot delete any of your photos, emails or contacts. It is similar to the approach like Amazon, where you have an option to switch on and off when it is needed. In order to activate this feature you have to go to the App list>Settings>Kid’s Corner, and then follow the instructions. In this way you can set the restriction on your child while using mobile phones or Tablets.

After performing all the above mentioned steps you are unable to monitor your child then with the help of PhoneSheriff software you can easily monitor your child. This is professional software which would help you in monitor your child tablets or mobile phone completely. You can check the text messages that re sent and received, all outgoing and incoming calls, you can set the time restrictions, remote locking and many more. This is an ideal solution for monitoring your child.


Steps to filter the phone for your child.


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