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crack password protected PDF documents

One of the key features of a PDF document is the ability to protect its content by providing password to it. This feature allow you to sent documents in secure way through e-mails via internet without using any third party encryption tool.

But there are times where you want to crack a password of protected PDF documents. You have the right to open password protected PDF files when you do not have the password or forgot the password as in the case below.

Suppose a previous Team leader created some important purchase and sales reports but he has left the company and now in his absence you want to open PDF documents. Here you have no option left with instead of cracking or removing password from protected PDF files in order to view, copy, read or prints the contents of PDF files.

Understanding Master and User PDF Passwords

Basically there are two types of password to protect PDF documents:

User Password – It controls the documents access. The creator can restrict opening of PDF files itself or he can restrict others from editing it. The user password is referred as the document open password. If you lose or do not have user password then you will not able to open, print or copy PDF files.

Master Password – It controls the access to the document’s security settings. The creator of PDF documents only has the access of master password and sometimes it is regarded as the permission password.

Different combination of these passwords will produce different results. If you set master password and does not set a user password then in such case users will be able to open, copy print the files content but they cannot change the security settings.

Note – Recipient or users who have users or master password can easily open a password protected PDF documents.

Crack or unlock PDF password

PDF passwords are generally the effective form of security, but there are tools available that can remove or crack password from password protected files. But why we require removing password and on which condition and how we can remove protection from PDF files.

When there are PDF documents Opening Restrictions

This is one of the difficult case and there is no direct solution to open PDF documents that is protected or locked with password.

At such cases we require tools to crack password in order to open it. Advance PDF password remover is strongly recommended that easily and instantly removes the password from the password protected PDF files. And thereafter you can open the PDF documents without any issue.

When there are Restrictions on Copying or Printing of PDF files

Suppose you want to copy or print contents of password protected PDF files. In such case you can follow the below method:

  • Open the PDF files in Acrobat Raeder
  • Save the page as an image by using any screen capture application
  • If you want to copy just a paragraph then use screen capture application with OCR specification.

The other fast and simple method is that you can invest in professional and commercial Advance PDF password remover software. This tool help you in removing password from locked PDF files and allow you to read, copy and print the contents of it. The software easily removes both users and master password, eliminates the restriction like opening, copying, printing, etc of PDF documents, work fast and provide instantly result within few clicks.

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Steps to remove password from PDF files

1 – Install PDF password remover software

2 – Click on “Add files” to select password protected PDF documents

crack pdf password

3 – Click on “Convert” button to crack or remove password from the documents and get acess to the contents.


Well, if you are also looking to remove or crack password from protected or locked PDF documents then you must opt for PDF password remover. By applying this software you will not only have the access to open, copy, print, etc but it also helps you in saving your precious time and keeps your work run on track.