How to permanently erase all data from iPhone, iPad and iPod?

WonderShareSafeEraser-Banner( you want to sell your old iPhone, iPad or iPod to buy a new one for such a purpose you need to erase all of your data from the device memory. The Apple Company always releases its new versions of iPhone and other new design of devices to reflect its highest technology with its high profile hardware design and elegant design and user friendly interface with its latest operating system. Some friends plan to sell their old personal old device to buy a new device. But many people think that it is a big problem because a lot of personal information is stored in your old device such as contacts, photos, text messages and other personal information so that others those who buy them does not access to get your personal data from the device.

For this you need to permanently delete the data that are stored in the iOS device before selling there are some of professional data recovery software that can recover the data later.

To permanently delete the data and the personal information from the iOS device you need to use SafeEraser. It supports erase all data on the iOS device permanently which cannot be recovered even with the professional data recovery software. It can easily erase all the data including Contacts, SMS Text Message, Email, Note, Reminder, iTunes DB, Call History, Calendar, App (and generated data), Keyboard Cache, Photo, Video, Voice memo, Safari Bookmark, System setting, Apple ID, Passbook, and more.

seforios-kf03It contains a perfect erase application which is specially designed for iOS device to permanently wipe all the personal information stored in it and ensures that it is never recoverable again.  It uses US Military overwriting skills and makes the data not recoverable again which makes the iDevice clean and new one before selling it.

Tips while reselling your iDevice

  • For selling your device you need to firstly creating the Backup of your old iPad with iTunes. As your devices may have lots of data stored in it. So before you put your device for sale you need to backup all the stored in it with iTunes by synchronizing the device with computer.
  • Secondly you need to make sure that you have wiped out all your iDevice data before selling them as any one access to your private data.
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To make your iOS device start in a clean state

Step 1: Firstly run this application SafeEraser and then connect with device with the computer for this you need to install the software on your computer then run the program and then connect your device with the computer. This software will automatically detect your device.


Step 2:  Then select the

  • Erase all the data on device for deleting all the data or information and settings permanently.
  • Erase all the deleted files for cleaning the only deleted files such as videos, contacts, messages, images which need not to be recovered again at all.


Step 3: After this choose the level of wiping all the data from the device. You can select to any level of wiping out as according your need and click on the start button. After clicking on the start button you will ask for confirmation and click on the “confirm” button to start the erasing process.



Step 4: After the program completes the erasing process the device becomes a new one. You can sell it or do as you like with the device.