How to permanently erase data from iPhone without restoring?

iPhone dataBefore selling your old iPhone, may people worry about their data on it of how to delete those data permanently from iPhone?  Many of them select to restore it to the factory default settings. By doing such method, you cannot see any data on your iPhone but it does not mean that other can’t see your data. This is because Apple does not delete your iPhone data. The data is only password protected by Apple instead. When you wish to sell your old iPhone or wish to give it to your friends, and then don’t neglect crucial issue because there may be lots of personal data that is stored on your iPhone. Before you give your iPhone to someone else, make sure that you have already erased all your personal data on the device, in order to protect them from revealing or being stolen by malicious people.

There is no doubt that you would never want to see your personal data stored on your iPhone leaked out. What you will do when you need to send or return your device to the factory/Apple store for repairing? It is sure that you don’t want them to have the chance getting a glimpse of your privacy. Therefore to protect your data theft by others, you would better select to delete all the data on your iPhone before selling it or sending it out. Mentioned below are the two ways which help you to wipe all iPhone data completely without restore. Among them you can select any way that you prefer and follow the steps to make it.

Part 1: Delete iPhone data manually

You have the choice to erase all data of from all iPhone data. You can erase all data on the device one by one manually by yourself. After deleting the data, the device needs to be overwritten with new data, so that the deleted data cannot be restored. By this way it is more complicated and time-costing.

  • Factory reset your iPhone so that everything is gone
  • After that overwrite the device with new data as much as possible and new data can be random or junk files as you like.
  • At last delete the junk file again and after it is done.

Part 2: Erase permanently iPhone data with the help of iPhone Eraser software

If you find any problem with deletion manually or restoring, then you should look for a third-party iPhone data eraser tool so that it can destroy permanently all content on your iPhone. To make things easy, you should use Safe Eraser for iDevice software. This is an ideal and reliable eraser software program which helps you to deal with the problem. This software wipes all data and information permanently from iPhone and is not recoverable any more. With the help of this software, you can make confidential data destruction safely without any possibility to restore. This software provides you three security levels which help you to wipe off both existing and deleted files permanently. Before deleting all the data, it is suggested that you should back up all the important data first so that you can transfer them to computer later. This software can erase everything on your iPhone which include messages, contacts, call history, notes, videos, photos, apps, account info, passwords and some other personal data. After it deletes all the data, there is no possibility to recover anything from your phone with any recovery software.

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Steps to erase permanently iPhone data

Step 1: Run the application and after that connect it with your iPad/iPod/iPhone

Install the software and after installing is complete, run the program and connect your iOS device with your computer. The program will detect your device automatically.

step 1

Step 2: Select any type of data erasing

Erase all data on device– will delete all information and settings permanently

Erase all deleted files– will clean only deleted files like videos, images, contacts, messages, which is not recoverable at any cost.

You should select erase all data on device to make your iDevice completely a new onewill clean only deleted files like videos, contacts, messages that is not coverable at any cost.

step 2

Step 3: Begin to erase all data from your iOS device

Now you have to select level to wipe all data from device. Select any level according to your need to click on “Start” button. After hitting on start button, you have to enter the word given in text and hit on “confirm” button. Now the program will begin to erase all data on your device.

step 3

Step 4: Now use your iOS device as a new one

After the program is completed erasing all data from the device, the device becomes the new one.

step 4