How To Permanently Erase All Voicemail Messages On iPhone?

delete voice mail iPhone not only helps you to manage business’s email account and professional social networking sites but also and also offers all the apps and Internet connectivity and like any cell phone, it supports voice mail also. Instead of dialing to your cell carrier to retrieve it, the iPhone downloads the voice mail for you and presents it in a visual voice mail inbox. And after that you can easily mange it off just like you handle all your other emails including replying to them and deleting them.

Privacy is very much important on iPhone as it is very much important for everyone’s life. Data such as text messing, social networking, payment and business. So if you are thinking of selling your  old device with the new one then first and the most important thing which you need to do, is to prevent your personal information from being leaked.

You can delete these voice mails by swiping on the voicemail and tapping on delete option. But this only puts them inside a “Deleted Voicemail” list.

How to Delete All Voicemail Messages in iOS 7?

  • Open the Phone app
  • Click on Voicemail from the menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom and hit  “Deleted” to access all deleted voicemails
  • There’s a “Clear All” option on top-right. Tap that to delete all voicemail messages.
  • The only problem is, the “Clear All” button is disabled/grayed out. You can’t tap that.

While using the “Clear All” option used to work without a trouble till iOS 6, with the recent iOS 7 upgrade, even some users are pointing issues like a grayed out “Clear All” which doesn’t allow you delete all voicemail messages at once. Which is quiet buggy situation for any user, so don’t get worried for it, if you are also facing such difficulty because here is the solution for you following which you can easily and permanently be able to delete all your voicemail from iPhone.

Permanent solution to fix this issue

#1.  One of the first reasons that most of the user encountered with, is a large number of deleted voice mails. If you have so many voice mails, then scroll down till the bottom of the list and wait for a seconds or a minute. In some situation, scrolling down and waiting for a minute enables the “Clear All” and you can tap that to delete the messages.

#2.  If it won’t work, try this: within the Deleted Voicemail list, when “Clear All” is grayed out, tap on a single Voicemail. The voicemail plays. Tap on to it again to stop playing the voicemail. If the “Clear All” button get enabled now then, tap it and delete all voice mails from your iPhone.

#3. If your deleting voicemail list is long then, “Clear All” stays grayed out or only clears a few messages at once. There may be chances that memory and processing caught with any issue because the list of deleted voice mails is huge. In such cases, it would be best to reset/restore your iPhone with selective data backup (photos, apps and contacts).

If in spite of following all these steps you are still enable to erase all your voice mail completely and permanently then don’t get worried because you have better solution than this, that is to go with professional SafeEraser software that help you to wipe or erase all the data permanently and make its unrecoverable by any means from your device. With the help of this software you can sell your device to anyone without worrying about the private data saved in it.

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Steps to erase voice mail messages

Step -1

Run the SafeEraser software and connect it with your iPad/ iPhone/iPod touch

Install SafeEraser on your computer. After complete installation, run the program and connect your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod with your computer. The program will detect your device automatically.

safe eraser 1

step 2:

Select the type of data erasing

You have to select the data erasing mode, if you select

Erase all data on device-will delete all data/information and settings permanently

Erase all deleted files-will clean only deleted files such as videos, images, contacts, messages which is not recoverable at any cost.


Step – 3

start to erasing voicemail from your iOS device

Now you need to select the levels (low, medium, high) to erase your data from device. Choose any level according to your need and hit on “start” button.  By clicking on the start button, it will ask a confirmation. You need to enter word given in text and click on “confirm” button. Now the program will begin erasing all data on your device.


step- 4

Now use your iOS device as a new one

Once the program completed erasing all your voicemail from the device, the device becomes a new one. Now your device is ready to  sell, or trade in.