How to Play Blu ray disc on Windows?

play blu-ray on Windows

Windows main media player then Windows Media player is capable of playing all types of media files. However the video file formats such as Blu-ray requires royalty payment in the form of license to its owner. If you need play the Blu-ray on Microsoft you have to pay a royalty to Sony for this. As to enable the media player to play audio or video formats are included in the operating system by default need to obtain a necessary codecs. As the Windows Media player cannot play the Blu-ray disc. And as we know that the Blu-ray player or drive are only capable of reading Blu-ray information. However if you are even having the Blu-ray player you cannot still play them on the any windows systems.

These blu-ray discs are protected with region codes that locks-up the Blu-ray discs to be played on specific region and the digital management that restricts it usage of disks.

 So to play the Blu-ray Discs you need to take help of third party program which contains appropriate codecs to read the Blu-ray discs and support the playback of Blu-ray. The Blu-ray Player automatically loads the disc information. So when you open your disc you can watch the movies contained in this blu-ray discs on the Windows media player. This player is a commercial Blu-ray disc that helps you to play the commercial Blu-ray disc. It even supports newly released Blu-ray movies. For this you need to firstly connect the system to internet and then insert the Blu-ray disc in the optical drive. The Blu-ray player make you access the blu-ray disc by connecting to its server and breaking the protection code and make you enjoy the Blu-ray disc on the Windows Media Player freely.

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How to Play Blu-ray Disc on Windows

Step 1: Firstly Play the Blu-ray Disc

  • You need to download and install the Blu-ray player on your computer.


  • Then you need to connect the external Blu-ray drive on the computer and then insert the Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray drive.
  • On the main interface of the program you need to click on the Open Disc and then load the Blu-ray disc on the program.


  • After loading the disc you will get the menu interface from where you need to choose the audio track and the subtitle that you want to then you need to click upon Play Movie to start playing the movie.


Step 2:  Then Play the Blu-ray folder

  • For this you need to download and install the Blu-ray player on the system
  • Then launch the program and click on the Open folder and find the Blu-ray folder from the local file and then click on the Open and load it on the player.


  • After getting loaded you get the menu interface from where you need to choose tge audio track and subtitle that you prefer and then click on the Main Movie to start playing the Movie on the Windows Media Player.

Step 3: Play the Blu-ray ISO file

For this you need to make sure that the a virtual drive is installed on your computer if it is then you need to launch the virtual drive and local ISO file and then operate the same way to play the Blu-ray disc.