Nowadays PDF documents can be seen everywhere. People need little protection regarding their PDF files. A PDF files may contain important data’s like personal information, official information, etc which he/she definitely does not want to being formatted or to being changed by any other unwanted user. Modification, formatting likes editing, deleting important data’s, or copying and printing ones basic PDF file may generally result is loss of crucial data’s. Therefore one need to secure and prevent their important PDF files from being formatted by unwanted users.

Protection needed for PDF files in Office applications for Windows:

Protection needed for PDF files

  1. Generally in office application, user just needs to click on the Create PDF button provided in the Acrobat task ribbon.
  2. After that user just needs to type a file name and select Restrict Editing.
  3. Users just need to set up a password and permission as required in the resulting security box.
  4.  After all the above process user just need to click OK and SAVE.

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Protection of user’s PDF file with permissions using Adobe –

This Protection will restrict the way people can use user’s PDF file. This may easily prevent other unauthorized people from copying and editing information. Some fine-tune file will give permissions to limit other activities including printing, adding pages, filling up the forms, and also commenting.

1. For the user’s, they just need to go at the top right in Acrobat and click the tool panels present there. Now one can open the Protection panel.

2. Now after opening the protection panel, user may click Encrypt and then they may select Encrypt including password. After all that step user can confirm that they want to change the security of their existing document.

3. User can add two types of passwords, in the Password Security Settings dialog box.

  • The document Open Password restricts who may open the document.
  • The permission password will surely restricts copying, editing and printing

4. User may now click OK and confirm the password that he/she chosen.

5. User should now save the documents to apply the new security settings. They may type the name of their file and after that click the OK button.

Generally, PDF security enhanced by the users allows them to encrypt or decrypt PDF files which are eventually protected by the password. User can generally create new PDF files from the original files with no password, gradually with the help of password remover function.

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As we know that manual process is quite though and also time taking process, users are thus required to apply PDF security software to protect their PDF files.

PDF Security Software

How to protect PDF files

The PDF security software permits users to encrypt or decrypt PDF files which are generally protected by the password. Password remover function generally helps the user to create a new PDF files from the original file with no password which are generally restricted to all type of formatting like editing, changing, adding annotation, copying, printing etc. Also setting of Master/owner card always help users to prevent their PDF files from being formatting like copying, editing. Printing, etc. User may use PDF encrypts option present there, that will easily assist user’s to put open password, and hence that will secure their PDF files from opening and reading. To carry out the job properly PDF security utilities will not require Adobe Acrobat or any other Adobe related Software’s.


Main interface of the software:

pdf-user-guide 1


pdf-user-guide 2


pdf-user-guide 3

Save your password..


pdf-user-guide 4

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