Record your keystrokes and passwords

imagesNowadays, with the more and more use of internet, keylogger software becomes more popular. Keylogger software allows people to monitor the computer usages that what kinds of activities are occurring on the system. Parents and Company owner use such application to monitor their children and employee respectively.

Need of Keylogger for Mac

If you are concerned parents and always worry about your children that what your children are doing on their system in your absence or if you are a company owner and always want to monitor that your employees are justifying their task or not then Keylogger application is best suited.

Children could fast catch on the technology and connect to the internet to stream movie, play game and many more. It might be possible that your children are in to some suspicious activity which is hidden from you.

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Keylogger application records all keystrokes typed including the password they use, the website they visited, application they used, files they download (even though they delete it or turnoff system) etc, means you can monitor everything they do on the internet. Now you come to know whether they have visited some improper websites such as adult web sites, what files they are downloading, how long they are playing games etc.

This one is also best suited for the company owner to monitor their employee working, what type of websites they are visiting, what type of files they are downloading or sending etc.