How to recover Deleted or Lost Emails?

Are your important emails get deleted byrecover-deleted-emails any reason and now you are unable to retrieve them, in this scenario emails can be deleted or lost due to any reason like accidently deletion, virus attack, bad hard disk sector, PST file oversized etc. There are many reason of email deletion but recovery process of deleted emails is very difficult.

This issue can get burst when you accidently delete any email permanently or hardly delete. In Microsoft Outlook, if you do not move emails to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder before you delete them, then these items are deleted permanently or hard deleted and you can’t recover them from the Deleted Items folder.

Some tricks are given below that can help you to recover deleted emails:

If emails are permanently deleted or not available in the Deleted Items folder, you may still be able to recover all deleted emails. If your email is hosted on a server then Service provider may have a backup of your emails. Make contact with the support team of your service provider and after enquiry no backup is available on the server then you will have to do some data recovery yourself.

Open ‘Account Settings’ option of your email and choose the account from which the emails were deleted after selecting account choose ‘Server Settings’ option and search the Local directory. If no folders are visible then Change the visibility mode from the Folder Option, after all the folders become visible then search for an Inbox file and ignore ‘Inbox.msf file’ because this file is not required for the further process. After selecting proper Inbox file create a backup of this file, it is because you will need to do some editing on this file to restore your email which increases the chance of data corruption.

Open the Inbox file by the help of text editor and search for any one deleted email using the ‘Find and replace’ function. Header of the email will begin with ‘X:Mozilla:Status:’ followed by some numbers edit it with 0000 and save inbox file. Repeat these steps to recover all the deleted emails.

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If you unable to execute the above process or deleted emails aren’t recovered after applying this process then you can try any third party deleted email recovery tool. This tool will help you to recover are the deleted emails along with its attachment. You can operate this tool without needing any user guide and no technical knowledge are required to operate this tool.