It is said that photographs is something that captures a moments that is gone forever and impossible to reproduce. Google introduces Picasa as a popular image organizer and viewer editing tool, which provided you the excellent photo editing experience. Using this software you can easily organize, manage and shares your pictures on social media like Facebook, Flickr, and Google etc. It also gives you the benefits to search files from your computer hard drive and according to its modification date, it display on your window. It has some limitation and issues.

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From Picasa

Sometimes we might delete our memorable photos accidentally. It may happen because you don’t have any backup of your photos. If you delete your pictures from Picasa then it will get stored in Recycle bin. Sometimes you may empty your recycle bin without checking the content in it, and then your photos are deleted forever.

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There were many users who commit the same mistake. But now you can easily recover your deleted photos from Picasa using Photo Recovery software. When you import photos on Picasa application are saved on your system hard disk that means it does not save the pictures in separate folder so if you erase the pictures, it will erase from the computer and not from Picasa. This makes your recovery possible.

There are so many other reasons of pictures deletion. Some of them are deleted accidentally while previewing, removing some precious pictures while deleting an unwanted one, drive formation where the photos are stored, during computer scan lots of pictures are deleted by anti-virus, and improper removal of storage drive while synchronizing photos to Picasa.

It is recommended to stop using your computer or Picasa application. If you use this application to store or add new files after photo deletion, then it will overwrite the space occupied by deleted photo and it is impossible for you to recover your lost photos. If the deleted photo is not overwritten, then you can easily recover deleted pictures from Picasa using Photo Recovery Tool.

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Photo Recovery Tool is one of the best recovery applications able to recover lost photos from Picasa. You don’t need any professional skills to use this tool. It is user friendly and easy to use. Using this software you can also recover media files such as audio, video and RAW images and other documents from your PC.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos using Photo Recover Photos

Step 1:

You can see the screen of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. After installation of the software, hit on ‘Recover Photo, Audio and Video’ to get back your deleted media files.

Step 2:

The hard drives and media attached to computer are listed. You can choose the particular drive to get back your photos, videos and audio files.

Step 3:

For scanning process, you have the specific file format from advanced settings and after that hit on scan now to begin the process.

Step 4:

Have the option to choose specific region from advanced settings and hit on scan now to begin the process.

Step 5:

Now as the scanning process is in progress, it will search for all the multimedia files from drive.

Step 6:

After that scanning is over, the particular storage media files are listed.

Step 7:

You have the option to change view of file list in scanning process.

Step 8:

Here you will get the column view of listed files.

Step 9:

Get the cover flow view of listed files.

Step 10:

The main page of software contains ‘create image’ option from where you can create an image for recovery afterwards.

Step 11:

You have the option to choose drive/volume whose images should be created.

Step 12:

You can go to advanced setting option to create image for the particular region and after that hit on continue.

Step 13:

Now you can see the selected drive/volume of image in progress. You have the option to save it on particular location.

Step 14:

Now hit on recover option to recover the files from saved image to preferred location.

Step 15:

You also have the option of resume recovery option in the main window of software.

Step 16:

All the files are listed in ‘images tab’ and saved scan information tab. Now you can click on the particular file from list and hit on scan button.

Step 17:

At last, hit on recover button and state the location where you want to save the recovered files/ folders. All the recovered files are restored to the preferred location.

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