Microsoft Outlook stores contacts, emails, journals and other vital information in PST file. The email and attachment contains important information so they are often password protected.

Protecting your confidential information with the help of password is a good idea when you don’t want to compromise with your security but this practice has a drawback.  Forgetting your PST password is very common with Outlook User it usually happens when you have more than one .pst files and you cannot recall the password.

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It is a very disappointing situation when you forget your PST password in which you have stored your confidential information. So if you don’t want to lose your vital information you need to recover the lost PST password. In order to access those data you need to recover the lost password.

Think that you have three PST files and you keep email, meetings, important information etc in it related to an upcoming business meeting to feel secure you make it password protected in order to remove the possibility of leaking those confidential information. You used a complex password or password containing both uppercase, lowercase and any special symbols.

You find that you tend to forget the password and you are unable to access it. When you type the password it goes wrong. Due to anxiety you cannot recall the lost password, or you cannot find the right combination. You didn’t maintain a text file to write the password now you cannot find a way to recover it.

So what to do now?

You cannot tolerate to lose your confidential information so do you find any ways to recover them. You need safest and trustworthy software to recover the lost PST password so that it can affect your PST password.

PST Password Recovery Tool is one of the powerful recovery tools that can easily recover lost or forgotten password in very small time period without damaging the original data stored in that PST file. It even recovers the long password, complex password or the password with both upper and lowercase or complex password with the combination of both the symbols and characters.

With the help of this software you can easily access your PST file it has a user-friendly interface so that the user can easily operate it. It is compatible with MS Outlook 200, 2003, 2005, 2007. This is a very helpful and powerful tool to recover your password of the MS Outlook account.


How to Recover PST Password?

Here you have the complete instruction that will guide while recovering your lost or forgotten PST password:

Step 1 Run this powerful recovery tool.

1 copy

Step 2 Click on “open” button to choose your PST file.


Step 3 After choosing the PST file, click on “File Properties” button to recover the properties of chosen file.

3 copy

Step 4 Now click on “Recover” button to recover the lost or forgotten Password.

4 copy

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