A Hard drive failure can be dreadful situation for any user because at that time only one thing comes in mind that can I recover back my valuable things back again. You are also stuck in such situation then don’t worry just calmly read the below post as it will guide you on how can you easily recover your lost stuffs back from hard drive on Mac OS X El Capitan.

Computer hard drives are amazingly clever section hardware that provides foundation for computing. Technically it is called as hard disk drive and consist of spinning disks that stores lots of your important information like, work documents, your photos, music, email and the entire thing that you saves on your computer in the form of blocks.

What Are the Reasons for data loss from hard drive?

The hard drive of your Mac OS X El Capitan is the storehouse of your important information and data. It is quiet often that the hard drive suddenly starts showing crashes or refuses to accept your given commands; however it happens without any warning. There are several ways by which data can lost from hard disk drive, some of these are:

  • Power outage or sudden power cut off.
  • Hardware failure or issue like bad sectors, bad RAM, and hard drive failure
  • Improper shut down of your PC because of power outages or self restart
  • Bad programming can cause hard restarts or may be the data is saved incorrectly
  • Pressing and holding the power button and restart button on the Mac.
  • Failing to eject hard drives and other storage devices before they are disconnected or power off.

Any of the situations will lead to a corrupt hard drive directory. Once the hard drive get corrupted you will find that your files are missing too and that will lead to the levels of data loss and corruption issue. The corrupt directory will no longer be able to show free disk space or the disk space with data. Hence this will lead to overwrite such files with some new data.

Possibility Of Data Recovery After Corruption

When such corruption issue occurred in your hard drive, the data inside the storage device will be erased and get lost. However, it is still possible to restore the lost data with some recovery software, as a matter fact the lost or deleted files are still present on the storage drive on it get hidden due to corruption.

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So for the recovery of data files from corrupted hard drive you can use Data Recovery Mac tool, as this tool can efficiently recover all your documents, images, videos, emails and archives all the things that you have lost due to corruption, formatting, improper operation, deleting, virus infection and for any other reason in hard drive. It can recover lost data from Mac based SD card, mobile phone, iPod, digital camera, MP4 player. iPhone etc. it provides the free trial version by which you can preview all your recovered documents, images, music, videos and archive files earlier purchasing this recovery tool.

Steps To Recover Lost Hard Drive Data On Mac OS X El Capitan

Step 1. Run Data Recovery Mac tool

Download and install Data Recovery Mac software on your computer. Run it and now connect the hard drive to your Mac.


Step 2. Choose the file recovery mode and scan the deleted files

Select for the Lost Data recovery or Raw Data Recovery mode. After that it will deeply scan your hard drive and completely for whole of hidden or lost files. now choose your hard drive and tap to scan option to scan the file that are deleted from hard drive.


Step 3. Recover the hard drive deleted files

Select the files that you want to recover and assign location where to store them. Please note you can’t save the recovered files to the original hard drive otherwise the raw file may be overwritten permanently.


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