How to Recover Lost MYOB Passwords?

MYOB passwordMany people talk about the ways so that they can find their MYOB password. If you have forgotten your password then the easiest way to solve this problem is to just get the administrator to reset it. Therefore to do this the administrator logs under their password, and then they go to your user id and at last changes the password to something else.

Recovering your MYOB Password

To recover your MYOB password, you should use the password recovery software. MYOB Password Recovery is a solution which will instantly recover or remove lost password for the password for password protected data files that is created in MYOB accounting. MYOB Password recovery supports all MYOB software products which include MYOB accounting, MYOB BusinessBasics and Business essentials, Accounting Plus, MYOB Premiere Accounting and MYOB Premiere Enterprise. MYOB password is simple to use, only you have to select the database files and select the user whose password you want to recover. After that either search for the password or instantly reset the password to the known one. It supports all types of user id which include administrator. All the passwords are recovered regardless of their length which also include multilingual password. It has the easiest way to install and when you want to uninstall it, you have the option for which you can easily uninstall also.


  • It recovers lost passwords for MYOB data files like .MYOX, .MYO, .PLS, .DAT, .PRM
  • Supports all MYOB products like Acclivity Account Edge Pro (formerly Premier Accounting), Acclivity Account Edge (for Mac and Windows), Account Edge Plus (include network edition).
  • This program supports all editions of MYOB which include MYOB Accounting Plus along with Premium Accounting.
  • It has user friendly interface
  • It recovers all passwords regardless of their length and complexity
  • All versions of MYOB Accounting are supported like MYOB 2013, MYOB 2012, Account Edge 2014, Account Edge 2013 and Account Right v 19.9.
  • Supports multilingual passwords and also supports full install or uninstall.
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Manage your MYOB Password for future

After getting your password back, briefly consider the entire password management before moving on. Mentioned below are some of the tips:

  • Passwords are considered as very painful but until you are the only person who works on the company, setting a password is very important. If you don’t do that then you will be on risk to lose some important data. Also you will be on risk revealing private financial information.
  • Always keep in mind that after you set an administrator password, you have the option to set sub passwords to define about the access that individual users have with your company file.
  • When you modify your MYOB password, then bear in mind to document your previous passwords somewhere safe. By that way, if it is required to restore the backup, especially for the one for a previous financial year, then you will be able to do so.