Recover the lost Passwords from Password Protected Acrobat PDF files

pdf fileSometimes it may be possible that you can accidently forget or lost the password of the PDF protected file. And you want to recover back the password of that PSF file. Then you no need to worry for because Password Recovery Software helps to recover back your lost or forgotten password. This powerful and reliable PDF Passwords Recovery software helps to recover the “Document Open Password/Users password” and allows you to reset the PDF Document’s “Master password/Permission password”.  With the help of various password search methods- by setting templates, by password length and by performing exhaustive search it helps to recover the password.  This tool is ideal for:

  • Decrypting all the levels of Encryptions that is provided to the PDF files.
  •  Supports all the versions of Adobe Acrobat  Version
  • Provides character set building and masking selection so that you can recover your PDF Password in very less time.


What do PDF Password recovery Tool do:-

1.       Unlocks PDF files- This software helps to restore back the PDF password in case when you lose or forget the PDF Document’s Password. This tool recovers completely the original “Document Open Password” and helps you to reset the PDF password by removing all the security permissions.

2.      Recovers faster with Character filters- This software provides with number of useful options which helps the users to have faster PDF password recovery. With the help of filter option tools.

3.    Module Mask Recovery- Through “Mask Module” it gives users the choice to define the starting character of password. It gives a tool to put the length of the password in order to reduce the search time.

4.     Supports decryption at all PDF Encryption Levels- This software supports all the levels of encryption so that it can decrypt any protected PDF files and let you to reset the PDF Password by removing the permission settings.

5.      Advanced PDF password Recovery Tools- This software grants users with advanced techniques which successfully recovers the lost PDF passwords. With the help of brute force attack it checks all possible combinations of characters and ensures definite recovery. Through Dictionary attack technique it tries to build new and different password sets and recovers user’s password.  

6.       Generates Detailed Log Report-  This software generates a detailed log report of the entire process and resets the recovery PDF Password.

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Steps to Recover PDF Password-

Step 1: To recover the PDF password click on “Open File” icon which is at the left corner of the interface of the software.

up pdf1

Step 2: Provide the length of the password in “Password Length” section.

ug pdf2

Step 3: If you know the length of the password then build the character set by providing symbols under “Mask Characters” section.

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Step 4: Then a dialog box will appear which will indicate the process information of PDF Password recovery process.

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Step 5: Then this software will show you the recovered user’s password on completion of the entire process. Then click on the button to remove all the security settings and reset PDF password.

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