How to Recover MS Office Password?

office-2010To protect your privacy and limit access to your sensitive data, Microsoft Office offers different types of protection. Without a password it is impossible to access to your sensitive and important information. What if you have lost your MS Office password or it is accidentally changed. Does it mean that the data stored in it is gone?

No you still have the hope to recover the lost or forgotten office password. All you need a powerful recovery tool Office Password Recovery Toolbox is a perfect solution to all the problems that you are facing with your MS Office files with any types of protection. This tool box comes to the rescue when you lost or forgotten your Office password. It takes few clicks and your password protected documents are unlocked. This tool quickly recovers passwords from MS Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint files as well as VBA projects. It avails itself by a user friendly interface which doesn’t require technical person to operate. Its quick search feature permits you to restore the password of recently opened documents. 

It uses a decrypting server that can easily recover almost any password. It can easily remove open, written and protected password for the documents in Microsoft word. It can also remove and recover open and write worksheet, workbook or shared workbook password for MS Excel files. PowerPoint write password can also be removed. In can securely recover the online password or can access password for various programs, the recovered password are stored in the system clipboard. Its astonishing performance is grounded on expert’s knowledge and uses the powerful decrypting server. These features help to ensure the fast and secure recovery of almost any password.

  • It instantly removes and recovers all the passwords from MS Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint and VBA projects.
  • It offers a user friendly interface.                         
  • It supports Office 97/XP/2000/2003/2010/2007
  • It has the ability to crack the passwords, modify the passwords, VBA projects passwords, worksheet and workbook passwords.
  • It can quickly unprotect the recently opened MS Office documents directly on start up.
  • It can access the unique password server to quickly break the MS Excel XP/97/2003/2000 and MS Word passwords to open the regardless of strength and length.
  • It secures your personal information.


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Quickly crack your forgotten Office password:

It gives a simple and proficient way to restore access to your Office documents. First step is to open a document or let the program search for the recent documents opened in your operating system. All the documents are then displayed on your window beside the type of each document and path.


Click on the document to switch to password recovery mode. Now click the crack button and permit the tool to perform its task. The whole process takes few seconds to completely restore tour passwords for the chosen documents. You can only crack the single passwords using the related link just next to the box.


To copy the recovered password to the system clipboard click on the button next to the password box.

MS Excel documents might contain passwords for every single worksheet and MS Access may have workgroup password.  In such cases this toolbar displays a special toolbar so you can easily view those passwords.