How to remove PDF password?

remove-pdf-passwordOne can find that a large number of documents files on internet are saved as PDF format and why not PDF files is known as universal format because it can be opened on various platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS device. Therefore many users and PDF creator use to set password to protect their PDF documents in order to secure them from being copied, printed or edited by different users. Though PDF password is best way to protect PDF documents but still sometimes we need to remove the restriction from PDF files for non-commercial purpose. Therefore many users or people are concern about how to remove a password from PDF documents.

There are two types of PDF password exists – the user password and the owner password. User password doesn’t allow any users or people to open the PDF files without entering the correct password where as owner password does not allow any users or people to copy, edit or print your PDF files. As we know that providing restriction to a PDF documents can well protect your files from being copied, viewed, modified by the other people over the internet. However the password protected PDF documents can put you on problem sometimes especially when you forget or lost the password of your own PDF documents. As a result you are not able to open your PDF documents and hence you are not able to edit or modify your own PDF documents. At such cases many users or owner of PDF documents feels annoyed or irritated when they attempt to open PDF documents and it always prompt to enter password.

You must know that Acrobat Adobe Reader or PDF reader allow users to view PDF documents. But it does not remove password from protected PDF documents or remove any restriction such as editing, copying or printing. So, the question arise now that how to remove or recover your password from protected PDF documents. You don’t have to worry now. Read below how to remove a password from secured PDF files.

How to remove PDF password

To remove or recover password of a protected PDF documents or if you have lost or forgot password of your own secured PDF documents, you need a PDF password removing software. This is one of the professional and appropriate software that help user in removing and recovering both types of password such as user as well as owner in just few clicks. After removing and recovering your lost password you can now easily edit, print, copy, etc of your PDF files. This tool has some powerful features such as it recovers both users and owner password, it provides three password attack method to speed up the recovery, etc. You can download the PDF password remover software, if you require removing or recovering the password of a protected PDF files.

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Steps to remove password from protected PDF files

1 – Install PDF Password Recovery software and launch it. Click on “Add file” tab to add protected PDF files.

pdf-file Step1

2 – As PDF password recovery software provide three types of attack method such as Dictionary attack, Mask attack and Brute-Force attack. Choose any method of attack type as per the situation.

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3 – Now click on Start tab. PDF password recovery software will now process to recover your forgotten or lost password and it will display you the recovered password when the process gets completed.

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