When you create the PDF document you definitely want to protect your files with password protection. Adobe Acrobat offers its users with password protection to its documents. To ensure the PDF document is safe you may often protect it with a password after creating it as it helps to prevent unauthorized access to the documents.

However, this advantage can turn into the disadvantage when the password of the password protected document gets lost. It becomes worse for bigger companies when their PDF files travel from employees to another and mean time the password may get lost which can result in disastrous situations.

These PDF files are secured with two types of passwords:

User Password: This password is used for restricting users from printing, copying and editing of files.

Owner Password: This password is used for restricting users from viewing the contents of the PDF documents.

Such password protection can be removed with PDF Password Remover software. This password cracker is designed especially for those who lost their access to files they are restricted to open. To avoid getting locked out of your PDF files, this recovery tool provides an excellent choice to recover your passwords if you lose them.

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This PDF Password Remover helps to remove PDF passwords using the following methods:

  • By Template: If you remember any part of the password then through this method you can set the appropriate templates for it that contains symbols and characters and combination of numbers.
  • By Password Length: This method is very useful when you known the length of the document password. You can set the minimum and the maximum length of the password to minimize the time of search.
  • Exhaustive Search:  This method is very useful if you unable to recall all the details about the password. The PDF password searches all the possible variations of your password until it is found. This method provides 100% results but takes over much lesser time period.
  • Network Search: In this recovery method the speed of the password search is high like you are searching with many computers at same time.

This PDF password remover is easy to use tool that is used to for removing all the password restrictions from the PDF files within seconds. It helps to eliminate all the restriction from the PDF files by removing the Owner and User passwords. It is very helpful for taking away all the restrictions on editing, copying, printing and saving from the password encrypted files.

Therefore decrypting of files makes the file unlocked in several aspects and helps to remove all the limitation from the files. It even supports batch decryption process of files without hampering the quality of even the single file. It even supports graphics and texts on its clipboard which can be changed or added from the fields which help to extract the content and lets the users print the PDF files.

How to Use PDF Password Cracker?

Step 1: Load PDF files

Simply drag and drop your PDF files into the software and after that imported PDF files will get displayed in the file list. You can also import PDF documents “File > Add Files”
After loading files, you can right-click on any file to delete, clear all or just decrypt selected file.

Step 2 – Customize

The tool can easily remove owner password, but for removing user password, first you have to enter the correct password and the software will do the rest.

Step 3 – Start to Remove Password

Now click “Start” button to crack PDF password.

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