How to safely erase iPad data

Safely delete iPad data

Want to sell your old iPad and looking to have new Apple’s next generation iPad like iPad Air? For iPad users who want to sell his/her iPad might be in uncertain when attempt to delete data stored in their iPad. How to delete data securely? Will the entire data stored be wiped out permanently? Is there any way available for iPad users to delete iPad data? The answer is yes.

It is important to wipe out your personal data before you sale your iPad because you don’t on whose hand the device is going to land and they may misuse your data. If you think that by deleting data the job is done then you are wrong, there are several ways available which can easily recover your deleted data. Hence it is recommended that you must ensure that your data is wiped out safely and it cannot be recovered by any means before you sell it. Here are some basic tips that you must follow before selling your iPad.

Tips to follow before selling your iPad

1 – Backup – Create the backup with help of iTunes or iCloud. You must save your important data from your old iPad that you want to keep with you. So, before you advertise your iPad on Quickr or OLX, you must transfer all data on your laptop or computer.

2 – Wipe – It is necessary that you must wipe out your entire data whether it is personal or non-personal on iPad. The most important thing you must keep in your mind before you sell your iPad is that don’t let other people to have access to any of your personal data. You don’t know on whose hand your device will land and what he will do with your personal data. The best solution is that you must wipe out your entire data from your old iPad.

So, now question arises how we can wipe data safely and that cannot be recovered by any means. In this blog we will discuss on the second tip on how to wipe or erase data safely from iPad before you sell it. Most of the users believe that by deleting data or by restoring the device by using factory setting easily wipe the data. But is it really erases your data that cannot be recovered? No, use of any simple data recovery can recover all of them easily. So, to wipe up your iPad data permanently, you must look forward to use professional data erasing software.

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How to safely erase iPad data

Safe Eraser for iDevices is designed for deleting data permanently that cannot be recovered by any means even if you use any data recovery software it will not be able to recover them. The features of this software is that it delete all data like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, audios, e-mail, account info such as username & password, etc from iPad. All iPad models are supported such as iPad Air, iPad 4,3,2,1. Once you erase data by using Safe Eraser for iDevices , you cannot recover them back with any recovery tool.


So, whenever you look to sell your old iPad and don’t want your private data to be viewed or used by other people then you must use Safe Eraser for iDevices that will help you in removing data safely and permanently that is not recoverable by any means.