How Do I Securely Erase My iPhone Before I Sell It

erase iphone data

After the release of iPhone 5s and 5c user can’t hold their old handsets. Using old handsets is quite difficult to make place in family. And if you are iPhone lover then you will definitely use the new iPhone device. We all have a craze to use new device or just give a try to some new device. iPhone always attract its user by offering amazing features and specification. And if you are planning to have a new iPhone by selling your old iPhone to someone else then stop! Are you trying to play with your privacy or you are too careless.

Before deleting your data you can’t hand over your device to anyone. Oh you have deleted all your data from device. Are you sure! The answer will yes I have formatted my device some will say that I have followed the below steps to erase the content present in my device.

  • Settings > General > Reset
  • Erase all Content and Settings
  • Confirm and that’s it!

That it are you sure that it you need to do in order to secure your privacy. Does this step ensure you that your data are completely deleted from your device? Wake up the technology are so advanced if your handset are placed in wrong hand then it will the person few hours to restore all the wiped data. You might have used \your device to log in FaceBook and saved your email and password or stored some other confidential data such pin number etc. So how you can be sure that your data are erased completely?

When we erase some data from our device it is just invisible the data are still present there and you can recover them back. With the fear of placing your data in wrong hand doesn’t mean that you refuse to sell you old iPhone to anyone else. Of course you can sell your device without worrying about your data. SafeEraser is the professional software that help you to wipe or erase all the data permanently and make its unrecoverable by any means from your device. By the help of this software you can sell you device to anyone without worrying about the data present in it. It completely deletes all the data and information from your handset. By the help of US Military over writing skill to make your data unrecoverable that makes your device to new one before you sell, gift it.

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How to Securely Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Step -1

Run this software and connect your iOS device

Download and install SafeEraser on your computer. When it gets installed you can run the software and connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with your computer. This software will automatically detected your device.

Step – 2

Choose the type of data for erasing

Erase all data on device- It will wipe out all the data/information and settings permanently

Erase all deleted files- It will delete only the deleted files like videos, images, contacts, messages and make it unrecoverable at any means.

You can choose erase all data on device to make you device completely a new one before selling it.


Step – 3

begin to erase all the data from your iOS device

Now you need to select the levels (low, medium, high) to erase your data from device. Choose any level according to your need and hit on “start” button.  By clicking on the start button, it will ask a confirmation. You need to enter word given in text and click on “confirm” button. Now the program will begin erasing all data on your device.

Step – 4

Now use your iOS device as a new one

As soon as the device completed erasing all the data from your device your device will become the new one. You can now sell or gift it.