How to send encrypted email in outlook 2010?

pdf post manFirst of all the question arises, why do we need to send encrypted emails? Well this question would come to every mind. For example suppose you are sending email which has important data in it and you want this mail to be received by right person. But what will happen if hackers hack this email, containing important data and it goes to unknown person which may lead a huge loss to you. If you have sent encrypted mail, you would not suffer this loss. Even if hacker hack this encrypted email he could not read the data because encrypted mails require password to decrypt it. This will make your email safe as well as it will avoid such losses to you.

Sending encrypt mails message in Microsoft outlook protects the contents of the message by converting plain text messages into twisted text. For this both sender and recipients has to share their digital ID or public key then only they can send and view the encrypted e-mail message. Only the recipients who has private key which matches to public key will able to decrypt the encrypted e-mail messages, or else he will be left with garbage text.

Step to send encrypted e-mail message in outlook

After completing setting up your Digital encryption certificate and you have also save a copy of your proposed recipients public certificate, you can send encrypted email.

1-Click new mail in outlook, on option tab, got to more option and click on Message options dialogue box launcher.

2-After that, select security settings, and then clicks on Encrypt message contents and attachments check box

3-Now type your message, insert file if you want to and finally click on send button to send your e-mail.

But if your recipients e-mail set up does not support encryption then you will not be able to send encrypted email message, instead Microsoft Outlook will offer option to send e-mail in plain text. This method of sending encrypt e-mail message also encrypt your attached files.

PDF Postman the other best way to send encrypted mails

PDF postman program is the other best solution for sending the encrypted mails. This software allows users to send secure encrypted emails, messages, attached files and other files from Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007. PDF postman uses strong encryption of emails found in PDF features. PDF postman is a good alteration where senders deliver attached file or message by mail to the recipient and not made to receive any reply from recipient. This software works on all platforms whether it is Window, Mac, Linux, iOS or popular Android mobiles.

PDF postman support AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption which is the fraction of PDF formats. PDF Postman features allows user to encrypt numbers of files in PDF, numbers of attachment files can be encrypted as an individual files and since the whole  PDF file is encrypted so both messages and attached files are secured.

How to send encrypted emails in outlook using PDF postman?

Once you have installed PDF postman on your computer, now log into your Outlook account. You will see extra buttons have been added to Outlook’s new email message toolbar.

  • Now, click on new e-mail to create a new email messages to send.
  • Type your message, if you want to attach any file, insert the file. Now enter the e-mail address of your recipient.
  • Go to toolbar and select “PDF encrypt Mail
  • Finally, after composing your e-mail message. Click on “Send” button to send your e-mail as normally you do.
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How it works?

PDF postman protect your e-mail messages and file attachment by using PDF software. Almost every computer has PDF reader which is used to open PDF postman encrypted PDF documents. PDF postman work on a password agreed between you and your recipient. It does not require any website registration, private/public keys, expensive certificates and any third party to charge for monthly payment.

PDF postman is easy to use for the recipients. To open the encrypted e-mails, you have to click on inbox get the encrypted PDF files and open it, the PDF reader open your encrypted files and it will detect and ask for the password. You have to input correct password and then your encrypted messages or attached file will be displayed. If you are not confirmed about the correct password then ask it from the sender through telephone. It is highly recommended not to ask password through mail. If you need to send the mails in encrypted form to share your important data and information with your clients or customers then use PDF postman. It is a traditional and commercial practical way to provide your sensitive data and information securely through mails and it’s easy on the recipient’s side too.