How to Send Large Emails through Outlook 2010?

How to Send Large Emails through Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook controls the business email market. In Microsoft Office market, Gartner Research has 94% share. Generally, business computer users use Outlook in order to handle their emails and file sending. As given Microsoft success, you may surprise to know that Outlook limits maximum file attachment size which you can send. When you have exceeded the limit you will get the Outlook error message such as ‘Email attachment size exceeds allowable limit’. Thus, this is the big problems to those users who want to send large files as email attachments. A system administrator uses OutDisk in order to create their own in house saving money and file service.


Three reasons why Outlook can’t send large files are mentioned below:

  1. A default email attachment size limit in Outlook is of 20 megabytes. Thus, this limit is relevant to those one large attachment or various attachments in which sum total size will be greater than 20MB.
  2. Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox is frequently configured by Outlook where default attachments file size limit is of 10 megabytes only.
  3. Information Technology (IT) departments thus sets limits on maximum upload usage to control costs. Hence, this varies as per the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use, your department budget and ISP plan which you have selected.

Thus, in order to avoid such problems and able to send large files out of your email you need FTP Outlook software which includes add-on for Microsoft Office Outlook. This software will enable you to send large files from your emails easily. You must use OutDisk in order to upload files to your web server then can insert a link on your email.

Send Large FIles:

For email users, OutDisk is an FTP utility. FTP Outlook software roughly finds and gets you out of limits of traditional email and FTP systems in order to send large files of any size to anywhere and to anyone. The files which are very much large for typical company and private email company for basic email systems like Gmail and Yahoo can be easily sent.

You don’t have any restriction while sending any type of file so there is no need to reformat or export your files to other file type. It integrates with the Window Desktop.

How it Works?

Firstly, sign in to FTP Outlook server then upload the data which you want to send using 128-bit end to end encryption. When the file is uploaded completely then an email is automatically sent to your recipients. If your file expires then it will be securely deleted from the server. Thus, you are using safe, simple and secure file transfer method in order to send large emails.