How to send large size email attachments in Outlook?

large email fileSometimes it becomes important to send large amount of data as a message attachments which include collection of high resolution photos or it may be a project on which you are working. Bothe mail servers, you and the recipient basically have a restriction of the size attachments which they allow. The size of attachments differs from server to server which is according to their individual configuration. Microsoft Outlook generally limits the size of attachments to 20mb. If you are sending document or picture of this size of attachments, then it does not create any issue. But if the file size is large like large high resolution pictures or videos, then it can become a major issue. This can be one large file or it may be various other smaller files combined together to increase the size limit.

When you try to send a large file which has a increase size limit, then you will receive an error message, The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. This error message was not added until Outlook 2010. If you have Outlook of older version, then you may have some other type of error message from mail server. Besides to server restriction, you can also consider of how long it takes for a message to be uploaded from your computer to the server and after that downloaded from the server to the message recipient. The file which has large size will take a long time to upload and download.

Reasons why Outlook can’t send large size email attachments:

  • Default email attachment size limit in Outlook is for 20 megabytes. Hence the limit is relevant to those one large email attachment in sum of total will be large than 20MB.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox is frequently configured by Outlook where default attachments file size limit is of 10 megabytes only.


There are several methods which can be used to solve this issue. Therefore in order to solve such problems and able to send large files out of your email, you need a software which can effectively solve this problem. FTP for Outlook is very useful software as this helps to send any large file through emails. This hardly matters if the size of file attachments exceeds. This software easily gets you out of limit of traditional email and FTP systems in order to send large file of any size to anywhere and to anyone.FTP for Outlook software helps by uploading them into your FTP account and thus creates a download link and can use it tom let your receiver download the folder or file. The file size which is very large for private email company for basic email systems like Yahoo and Gmail can be sent easily.

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How it works?

Step 1: Outlook Integration

If you want to use Outlook, and then attach the files to your mail and after that you should click on “Use OutDisk” button after which you can send the email.


There are various options available in OutDisk which are especially for Outlook users that automatically activates OutDisk.


Step 2: Work from Windows desktop

OutDisk can also be used to from the window desktop. Here the drop icon is installed in the desktop which allows the user to “drag & drop” the files into it.

outdisk-toolbar-outlook2013 3

Step 3: Configure OutDisk

To utilize OutDisk you need to a web hosting service that provides HTTP to access the files and support ASP or PHP.

outdisk-toolbar-outlook2013 4

Step 4: Loading pages for recipient

This easily uploads every batch file to its unique folder naming with high entropy for the security. Even you can customize the landing pages so that the recipients can also view when they click on the link.

outdisk-toolbar-outlook2013 5