How To Send Secure Outlook Emails

How To Send Secure Outlook Emails

In order to send properly secure Outlook emails, there is a need to encrypt two things: the email itself and the connection from your email provider. It first stops messages being probed as they send, encrypting the email itself means that any intercept will be foiled.

At first, it will secure the connection between your email provider and your computer. There is a need to set up Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

In order to check your email that SSL/TLS encryption is active if you use the internet. If it is so, then the website address (URL) will start with https instead of http. If you don’t see an ‘https’ address type an s at the end of the ‘http’ and the press Enter. It will prompt your email provider to encrypt your connection.

If anyone is using a desktop email client Outlook or Thunderbird or a smartphone or even tablet with an email app. However, encryption is harder to verify or to set up. After this try to open up the software or app and navigate to the settings menu. After that in the advanced settings near were one can specify the port numbers for outgoing and incoming connections look for an option in order to activate encryption. You can makes use of PDF Postman for Outlook, using this software you can easily send email messages securely.

PDF Postman for Outlook is an email encryption way for Microsoft Outlook that makes it very easy to send your secure messages along with some file attachments. It is one of the effective tools for the solutions to the problem how to send an encrypted email messages.


How to Send Secure Email Message

Sending securing Outlook email messages is very easy with PDF Postman for Outlook.

PSD Postman is the efficient and the affordable solution to problem of how to send a protected encrypted email messages or file attachments. You can sue this software if you want a simple and widely compatible method of sending secure emails from Outlook in a way that it doesn’t make you panic.


PDF Postman Email as the recipient will see in their Inbox.

  • It is very simple to send secure messages on a device.
  • You can send encrypted messages to the recipient on Mac, Windows, mobile or Linux platforms where PDF is supported.
  • The recipient can easily send the file attachments and can edit them after entering the password.
  • It protects emails or file attachments with strong AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption.
  • AES encryption is an approved NIST for protecting government documents.
  • It is compatible with the encryption of major PDF viewers like adobe reader.
  • No complex certificates or private key, no special software need to be installed by the recipient to download, no subscription fees is needed.

pdf postman in outlook inbox

You can customize the PDF postman cover message from the template page in the setting menu.


In this way, you can easily send Outlook email securely.